New Android Security Patches Vulnerability

Today I’m here to bring you an important update regarding your Android device security.

A report from Security Research Labs showed, that some smartphone manufacturer’s haven’t kept their phone’s operating systems up to date with Google’s latest security patches.

The extent of the issue depends on the manufacturer, some skipped 1 update, some skipped up to a dozen. What’s problematic, is that customers were not made aware of the issues; usually the release date of the security patch is displayed in the Settings app, but some manufacturers went as far as fabricating that release date, thus, effectively deceiving customers about the security state of their device. Keep in mind, that applying these security patches is something only the manufacturer can do.

So, what can you personally do to protect your Android smart device? 
First of all, only install software from trusted sources, like “Google Play”, the “Galaxy Apps” store or the “Amazon Appstore”. Most vulnerabilities get exploited by rogue apps, so limiting your exposure to those uncertified apps will mostly keep you safe.

Also, consider using your PC or Mac antivirus license for your Android phone, most security solutions offer their software for both computers and mobile devices. If you don’t have an Android antivirus, you can visit Anti-Virus4U.com, we offer a number of Android security solutions, like Bitdefender Mobile Security, or Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus.


Mobile phishing links attacks has grown

As per the report published by Lookout, the universal leader in mobile security, there has been an ever-increasing growing risk of phishing on mobile devices. Since 2011, Lookout has been observing the increasing rate as 85% per year at which users are clicking on phishing links on their mobile phones.

Another serious concern is that about 56% of users who got phishing links clicked on the URL unintentionally. Evidently, this lapse on the part of users has sidestepped the accessible protection offered by mobiles. Typically, a user clicked on a mobile phishing link as a minimum six times per year.

 The global security company in the report examined the current state of mobile phishing. They further gave details that cyber criminals are successfully avoiding the phishing protections, and subsequently, targeting the mobile phones to carry out their illegal activities. As a result, these hackers manage to steal confidential data and personal details at an ever-increasing rate.

As reported, more than 66% of emails that were accessed on mobile device constituted the main point of attack by the hackers. These suspicious and vulnerable emails on a mobile device can easily develop into a new possibility for attack. There are many business organizations that protect their systems for email-based phishing attacks. These establishments make use of customary firewalls and protected email gateways. Besides, nowadays, people are getting more careful so as to recognize and manage phishing attacks. On the other hand, the mobile phones are lacking to recognize and block phishing attacks. Both the users and currently available security technologies are finding it difficult to deal with this situation.

The universal security company also asserts that on hand phishing protections are not sufficient for mobiles. This is due to the fact that mobile phones have small display screens, and so, it becomes somewhat difficult to make out whether it’s a genuine login page or a fake one. As observed, the only possible attack point on mobile phones is an email, in which the malicious links gain entry and when accessed, they lead to compromising the entire secret data.

Another form that offers an opportunity to the hackers to make attacks is SMS and MMS. Also, popular social media apps and messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are frequently used by attackers. Unluckily, more than 25% of employees by chance clicked on a link in the mobile’s SMS message and got defrauded.

Even one hacker utilized a non-email way of phishing. He used ViperRAT that permitted him to gain an illegal access to the mobile’s data, including SMS messages. He got himself into conversations with persons after creating fake woman profile on social media platforms. Just the once, he established their faith, the imposter asked the persons to download an app, so as to make communication easier and simplified.

In another instance, one cyber criminal targeted Android and iOS users via Facebook Messenger. He told that a YouTube video features them. When the victims clicked on the link offered, the user was asked to login fraudulent Facebook login page. Actually, this illegal exercise was meant to steal their secret information.

Lookout also revealed that users are three times more prone to click on a doubtful link on a mobile phone in comparison to a computer. It is only due to the fact the mobile’s screen is small, and the user can’t make out the entire link clicked by them. Moreover, there isn’t at all times a firewall to maintain the device protected, as in the case of a computer system.

The phishing attacks on mobile devices are increasing at a higher rate. Some of the most refined attacks appear from mAPTs (mobile advanced persistent threats). The most recent mAPT attacks to mobile have been reported in Pegasus and Dark Caracal.

There are some applications that have links or URLs in the codebase to share information in real-time. Thus, hackers can misuse this links for phishing purposes. In this respect, the corporations should pay more attention to “benign apps” that pose threat as malicious links.

Lookout gave details that the apps that are frequently used for advertising to make revenue money integrate ad SDKs into their code. These SDKs have URLs or links to display ads to the users. If a benign app utilizes an ad SDK run by a cyber criminal; the SDK is made to access malicious URLs or links with the aim of displaying ads, and therefore, the user gets compelled into entering susceptible data.


New Anti-Ransomware for Office 365

New Anti-Ransomware added for Office 365
For the past so many years, ransomware has been targeting big businesses, financial institutions, and individuals worldwide. From small to mid-size businesses, Microsoft Office 365 continues to be the fastest-growing office suite. It comes to no surprise that it has turned out to be a primary target for ransomware, and related scams. Keeping in view the security aspect, Microsoft has formally announced the beginning of latest anti-ransomware features for Office 365.

Features of new ransomware protection:
  • Option of ‘file restore’ from ransomware and malicious attacks. 
  • Facilitates in maintaining you information secure and confidential. 
  • Advanced protection features from viruses and trojans. 
  • Restore back up files from ransomware attacks. 
The newly added ransomware feature for Office 365 is called ‘File Restore’. Being a OneDrive feature, it offers the provision that helps allow users to return back and restore 30 days old files. Furthermore, this feature can be best utilized for unintentional mass deletes, corrupted files, or any other disastrous incident. Marketing it as anti-ransomware protection system tool, Microsoft is emphasizing more on the saving of files inside a OneDrive folder.

There might be some users who were targeted by ransomware and they had destroyed their files. However, once they start using new Microsoft Office 365 File Restore option, they can restore their deleted files efficiently. Microsoft has launched the potent Files Restore feature from OneDrive for Business to your individual OneDrive account. With his feature, all of your confidential files get protected in OneDrive. Moreover, you will be able to restore your complete OneDrive to an earlier point.

Microsoft Office 365 can now spot ransomware attacks and assist in restoring your OneDrive to a point earlier than files were disarranged. As a result, you can keep your files protected, and you don’t have to surrender to hackers’ demands. If a cyber attack is detected, you will be put on maximum alert through an email, desktop or mobile notification. Also, you will be given information about the complete recovery process.

Both the Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscription offer highest-performance apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, they feature powerful cloud services like OneDrive folder and File Restore option. With the aid of Office 365, you can create, share, and communicate wherever you like, and at whatever device it may be.

As reported in a number of incidents, the cybercriminals are using ransomware to carry out their illegal activities related to system-lockup and stopping access to files in an attempt to ask for ransom from their victims. Microsoft launched new ransomware protection features with the purpose of helping customers, so that they can recover their files, in the event they are affected by a ransomware attack.

As all these threats progress, Microsoft is constantly improving malware detection capabilities, so as to keep you and your system safe from the most highly-developed ransomware.


Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Hits Smartphones

Security experts have now warned that cyber criminals are targeting Smart phones to mine for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Even though, you didn’t download any malware-infected or unknown app, still your mobile phone is vulnerable to cryptojacking.

In the past, cyber criminals made several attempts to mine cryptocurrency illegally in one form or the other. According to cyber security experts, as soon as the user visits an infected website, the Smart phone undergoes cryptojacking in the form of mining for cryptocurrency.

In March this year, two reports were released by ESET and Symantec – Both Cyber security companies. These reports have revealed that the Smartphone's cryptojacking cases are increasing fast. The hackers are using the technique of entering infected codes into websites and online ads. As soon as the user opens the infected website on the mobile, its processor gets infected.

As per the recent report by Symantec, in the entire Asia-Pacific region, Singapore is most vulnerable to cryptomining attacks, and holds 6th position. The data analyzed from more than 157 countries ranked Singapore at 25th position globally. The report further disclosed that there is an increase of 34,000 percent jump in Smartphone cryptojacking globally as compared to the last year. The cyber criminals are using cryptominers on mobile phones, thereby, posing a serious threat to the security available on mobiles. Last year, ransomware was a major concern, and now, the process seems to have shifted to cryptojacking.

In cryptomining malware, the users are prompted to install an infected app onto their Smartphones. While, on the other hand, cryptojacking takes place, as soon as the user opens an infected website on his or her mobile device. Simultaneously, more users are vulnerable to such attacks.

For cyber criminals, the whole process of cryptojacking seems to be a money-making machine. The more they infect the number of devices, the more money they will get. According to Mr. Sherif El-Nabawi, Senior director at Symantec Asia-Pacific, the problem of illegal cryptomining is a serious one, and it’s not possible that it will go away on its own, unless and until some stringent methods are implemented.


Panda Security 2018 Review

Our review for Panda Internet Security 2018 and Panda Gold Protection 2018

Panda is an excellent antivirus program featuring an advanced cloud-based anti-malware technology. It offers an outstanding protection against all possible internet threats. Its secure tool i.e. Panda Internet Security comes with excellent features that make it an important internet security program. In comparison to normal antivirus software, it is far more resourceful. It comes with a variety of features, for instance, a fireball, a network manager, a safe browser, magnificent parental controls, and brilliant email protection. Panda’s another antivirus program i.e. Panda Gold Protection is considered as the best internet security tool featuring all of these fundamental tools. What’s more, it also offers an excellent mobile protection and technical support system. Both of these Panda’s internet security tools aid in protecting your system efficiently against possible online threats. However, it can slow down your system drastically, and consume system resources significantly.

Ransomware Protection 
Both Panda Internet Security 2018 and Panda Gold Protection 2018 are efficient for providing excellent protection against ransomware. In order to make sure that your computer remains free from any serious threats, they scan email, direct messages and USB drives in an efficient manner. Both of these internet security programs have free online backup and restoration tools. This facility can well serve the purpose, in case, your PC gets attacked by malware or any other threats. In comparison to Panda Internet Security, Panda Gold Protection has the features of system vulnerability scan and a file shredder. This can evidently lead to the best scanning and detection of malware threats. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining your system free from back-dated programs that have a tendency to slow your PC down and generate loopholes for the entry of cyber criminals. None of these programs have the provision of a spam filter; however, Panda Internet Security offers great protection in the form of a solid cloud-based program.

Protection & Identity
Both Panda Internet Security and Panda Gold Protection offer a high-level protection of your identity and contact details. For instance, a virtual keyboard functions by hiding your login details from keystroke logging. Furthermore, both of these security programs have a safe browser, and a virtual tool that runs inaccessible from your computer PC ever saves any record of your browsing. Eventually, these security features well fit the purpose of online shopping and online banking in which confidential information is exchanged in the form of online transactions. Your credit card numbers, Social Security number, Phone number and contact information can remain safe. Panda security tool also offers the provision of parental controls, further aiding in the creation of user profiles for your family members. You can incorporate the list of locked as well as permitted websites. Moreover, with the support of identity protection tool, your children will not be able to share vital information like names, birthdates, and contact details online without your authority. Also, Panda offers you the provision of assessing the sites visited by your children, including the blocked sites that they tried to gain access. Panda Security offers excellent online support information in the form of a startup guide, features, and FAQs. Also, there is an existence of an active user forum from which you can get assistance from other individuals. For normal consumers, there is a phone and live chat support. However, the premium package offers 24/7 and more customized assistance. Panda Gold Protection too offers the same level of support for their premium packages.

Malware Test
The level of protection offered by Panda’s security tools against possible internet threats is satisfactory. In view of the tests conducted by some independent labs, both Panda Gold Protection and Panda Internet Security have secured perfect scores for malware detection and protecting your system. Different tests conducted to analyze Panda‘s security aspect also resulted in slowing down your computer system. Being the premium internet security programs in the industry, they also have the ability to intermittently mark websites and good files as malware.

Bottom Line:
Both Panda Internet Security 2018 as well as Panda Gold Protection 2018 are the most excellent internet security suites for malware detection. They also incorporate many useful tools for protecting your system, identity, and contact information. The best features incorporated are a firewall, parental controls, online backup, secure browsing features, and efficient restoration tools. Also, Panda Gold Protection offers excellent internet security solution, including an instant detection of internet threats.


Why Bitdefender is the Best Antivirus?

In the past few years, the internet has developed rapidly, and, so is the progression of emerging threats due to malicious malware on the internet. Obviously, it is putting your confidentiality at risk. Just visualize how much damage could occur to your computer, and in the event, hackers get access to your private system. They can steal your login passwords, illegally gain access to your online bank accounts, and even capture your PC’s graphics card with the intention of mining cryptocurrency or falsely claiming to be a close relative asking for funds.

Why Bitdefender is the Best Antivirus?
Fortunately, if the above situation occurs, you are not required to throw your computer or turn it off. Recently, the new edition of Bitdefender 2018 appear as the best antivirus software that help in protecting your system from all potential threats online. Bitdefender Total Security 2018 is a complete package featuring a long list of features, and specially designed to protect your computer from the malware attacks. Bitdefender 2018 offers complete data protection from ransomware, trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, and many more. Bitdefender 2018 closely monitors your system’s active apps with the aid of a technique called ‘behavioural detection’. As soon as it notices anything doubtful on your system, it takes immediate action to prevent any malware infection, it is an excellent solution for all of your Internet security requirements. It is available for the most of the versions including Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.


Bitdefender Top features:

Protection of Files against Ransomware -  In the last few years, Ransomware has emerged as a major threat, and particularly when some malicious strain of malware infects your system, and begins encrypting all of your vital documents. Surprisingly, the hackers demand ransom and hold the decryption key, unless you pay them demanded amount or some Bitcoins. In this situation, Bitdefender Total Security 2018 helps in protecting your computer against this attack, and subsequently, it creates a list of protected files. You need to add your vital data to this list, and in the event, if any changes are noticed on them, Bitdefender Total Security 2018, in a defensive manner, will stop the changes and put you on maximum alert.

Protection against unauthorized use of Webcam - A webcam is an important part of your system, and if anyone tries to use it an unauthorized manner, it can turn out be an easy target for blackmail attempts. These days, cyber criminals are utilizing highly sophisticated tools in order to carry out their nefarious activities. They know the ways how to disable the notification light of a webcam from turning on. Consequently, you’ll not be able to make out anything, if your webcam is recording without your permission. In this situation, Bitdefender Total Security 2018 offers highest webcam protection by persistently monitoring your webcam activity and further blocking applications from accessing the camera without your approval. In the event, if you observe any app which you don’t know before, block it immediately and continue with your work.

Firewall in Bitdefender Total Security 2018 - The main aspect of every security platform is a firewall. Your system might be having a piece of malware, but it is useless if it is unable to dump the collected data or get activated. As an excellent security tool, the firewall in Bitdefender Total Security 2018 is easy to install. It comes with specific application-based rules, and in this way, you can access internet and other known programs. Moreover, once you install Bitdefender Total Security 2018, you have the capacity to lay down rules for the public, home and office networks.

Unique Wi-Fi Security Advisor - Whenever you are accessing your system on a public Wi-Fi, it can open the door to dangerous attacks on your crucial data. You don’t know that connecting to an unknown access point can lead the hackers to steal your data illegally. An infected access point can not only pose a danger on your data flowing through it, but it also allows the hackers to steal your data fraudulently. In other words, we can say that it’s just like allowing the hackers to access your system, and then begin praying nothing worst should happen. However, there is no need to worry, since the unique Wi-Fi Security Advisor that comes with Bitdefender Total Security 2018 can put you on alert, in case the public Wi-Fi networks lack proper encryption, and thus, you can change your Internet activity accordingly.

Scan for Vulnerabilities - The hackers can not only attack your computer by using viruses and malware, but the mislaid operating system security patches in the form of vulnerable or outmoded software and insecure system settings are the major holes which allow cyber criminals use the security lapses and enter your system in an unauthorized manner. Here, Bitdefender Total Security 2018 can scan your system against all potential vulnerabilities and offer recommendation on how to manage them in a suitable manner like installing secure apps.

Facility for Multi-Device Protection - In this modern age, hardly there is anyone who uses a single computer for his or her’s daily basis work. Nowadays, a majority of people have stylish Smartphones, tablets, and evidently, they make use of various operating systems. In order to make your systems safe and sound, Bitdefender has made available supported versions of Total Security 2018 for several platforms like Android, Mac, and iOS. This ensures all of your operating systems are secured appropriately with single antivirus software and that too, with a universal interface and the same level of protection.

Besides the above mentioned features, the incredible features of Bitdefender Total Security 2018 also incorporate the following significant aspects:
  • It is very easy and simple to install and utilize Bitdefender's antivirus software on your computer. 
  • It helps in the detection of outmoded apps that possess security faults and proposes the most excellent fix or update. 
  • It is a safe way to delete files from your PC’s hard drive, and the thieves can’t restore them afterwards.
  • Bitdefender VPN aids in the encryption all of your Internet traffic and maintain it secure with an in-built VPN solution.
Bitdefender Total Security 2018 offers brilliant protection for your system. In order to download this antivirus program, simply visit our website and download it. At the moment, it is also available as a fully manageable 30-day free trial!


Best Antivirus Security for Cryptocurrency

Crypto-trading involves utilization of the best and high-quality security antivirus software in order to secure your online transactions and your system. Nobody would like losing his or her cryptocurrency on account of any lapse or unforeseen incident. In this situation, it’s mandatory that you should look for the best security software tool and install it on your system. Once the tool is installed, you should make it a routine practice for regular antivirus scans. It is further recommended that you should make use of strong passwords, and with the intention that they don’t get leaked or accessed illegally by the cyber criminals.

Furthermore, once you make the habit of utilizing strong security measures, it will help you in maintaining your confidential data safe and protected in a long run. This matter doesn’t need any further clarification, because, this is the only way of keeping your funds safe and protected online. We have collected some important information pertaining to the best security software, so that you can manage your funds online safe for the purpose of crypto-trading.

Take a look at their significant features to determine which security software goes well with your exact requirements and preferences:

Bitdefender Total Security
Nowadays, the traditional antivirus serves the least purpose, since the newest ransomware and other possible threats are able to find a way around this antivirus. As a result, the anti-malware security has to be made stronger in order to protect your online transactions. 

Bitdefender is utilizing more highly-developed and advanced behavior-based technologies, and this antivirus program is proving to be useful in detecting near about 99% of unidentified threats. Bitdefender Total Security is the perfect tool for your crypto-trading, owing to the fact that it constantly offers a high-quality business security feature.

Following are the most excellent features and benefits of using Bitdefender’s security software:

  • An Advanced Threat Control is utilized that helps manage and control all the running processes on your system steadily, and side-by-side looking for different signs of malicious actions. 
  • More than 500 million systems & over 100 countries are being securely protected by Bitdefender’s security software. 
  • Comes with specific features involving Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in order to prevent involved threats. 
  • Helps in avoiding the loss of confidential data and other information associated with your crypto-trading. 
  • Offers an opportunity to customize every facet of security, and ensures that maximum protection is given with the least efforts. 
  • Offers protection of your data by instigating filters, and blocks the transmitting of susceptible information. 
  • Available in many languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Indian-English, Italian, Romanian, Russian and more. 
Bitdefender Total Security is recommended as one of the best choices for protecting your cryptocurrency and involved online transactions. More information regarding this software can be obtained from our website. Bitdefender Total Security is also available for a free trial period of 30 days, and you can certainly go for it.

Another efficient and secure antivirus program is the HMA! Pro VPN. This program offers an excellent security for your crypto trading online. Your online transactions will be safe, and there are least chances of any potential fraud. Being widely acclaimed, this VPN serves as one the most excellent security tools to make your online transactions continue safe and protected.

Here are some of the best features offered by HMA! Pro VPN to its users:
  • It is versatile and very useful when you’re trading cryptocurrency online.
  • All of your financial transactions remain safe even if you are connecting on unfamiliar Wi-Fi network or you are traveling abroad to an overseas country.
  • No one can snoop into your personal and confidential details, in addition to you browsing history or online transactions.
  • The feature of 256-AES bit technology encrypts your online activity, and in this way, it would be impossible for the hackers to steal your confidential data information.

The HMA! Pro VPN plans ensure more safety and protection of your online transactions. Also, you can download and try its free version in order to know how it functions and what its distinguishing features are.

Avast Security software
When considering for crypto-trading, Avast antivirus software offers good protection for managing your cryptocurrency online. The utilization of Avast’s SafeZone Browser in Bank Mode ensures more protection of your financial transactions and other related online activities. Avast gained the trust of more than 400 million customers. Furthermore, it comes with two innovative shields that are capable of offering double protection. In this way, the hackers will not be able to steal your confidential information in order to carry out their nefarious activities.

Here are some of the most significant features offered by Avast Security software:
  • Its Webcam Shield protects your built-in camera from potential threats or hacking by cyber criminals. 
  • Its Ransomware shield secures your system files and prevents their encryption illegally. 
  • Offers real-time protection, improved network security, together with quick threat-detection feature. 
  • Being easy to install and use, this tool aids in the protection of passwords and browser history. 
  • You can carry on your cryptocurrency business hassle-free, and without any potential threats to your online transactions.
In view of the fact that cyber threats are turning out to be highly sophisticated and more complex, the demand for cyber security is increasing progressively. In this particular aspect, Avast is committed to offer the best security possible for your online business related to crypto-trading. You can also get more information about the Avast security software from our website.

Avira Security Software
Avira Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus programs, and it comes with excellent functionality features.

Here are the some of the most significant features offered by Avira Security Software will certainly maintain your online transactions secure and protected:
  • Avira's File Server Protection is competent enough to offer an improved protection for your system. Also, you can manage all of the data information that goes into your system or gets out of it. 
  • Avira offers an excellent opportunity to blacklist unreliable apps and files that can try to hamper with your online transactions involving crypto-trading. 
  • It has great functionality aspects and efficiency, owing to the fact it is lightweight and has magnificent all-inclusive performance. 
  • The method of working of this software is simple in the aspect that it carries out its functioning quietly in the background. It protects your system against all possible threats or malware infection.
You can download and try it before you buy it for free. Install it in your system , and after that, just relax and manage all of your online crypto transactions hassle-free.

Kaspersky is an incredible way to protect your online transactions involving crypto currency with authentic cyber security. Around the globe, Kaspersky has been accepted as one of the most excellent antivirus programs used against malware threats and cybercrime.

Here are some of its significant features that ensure protection of your valuable online data:
  • The software assists in the protection of your private files, money, confidential files, and many more. 
  • All the types of business organizations, small, large as well as public sector can opt for this software so as secure their data, system protection, and many more. 
  •  Kaspersky also offers the provision of spam filters, and that can help maintain you inbox clean and free from any possible threats emerging out of junk mails. 
  • It also incorporates a firewall having an ability to keep your system protected, and free from any potential dangers. 
  • The mode of functioning of Kaspersky is at appealing high standards, and thus, you can sit back and trade your cryptocurrency online in a well-secure manner.
Visit our website to know more about the benefits that you are going to achieve with the installation of Kaspersky on your system.


Enterprise Cyber Security Strategy - Awareness

A successful enterprise cyber security strategy begin by awareness.
Nowadays, phishing attacks are common and it doesn’t mean they have to be highly sophisticated to do any big damage. In this aspect, it’s your duty to ensure that your employees are well-familiar with the methods in order to spot these malicious attacks.

The latest and new forms of ransomware like BadRabbit and NotPetya may lead the news pertaining to cyber-attacks and cause aggravation amongst the victims, but the majority of them are basically phishing attacks. A recent study conducted by Google even found that the criminals carried out their nefarious activities by breaking into a victim's account more competently in contrast to a data breach.

Phishing is a kind of illegal activity that is carried out by using an email to steal user’s confidential details, such as login passwords in order to make access to user’s data. In general, the hacker imitates to be a faithful colleague, creates a similar email address with only one mislaid character. After that, the stealer cheats the user by fooling him to open an attachment having a malicious link. Ultimately, this leads to identity theft on account of malware installation. As a common practice, we are in the habit of checking our mail box while switching between several devices. Unfortunately, most of us don't pay more attention prior to opening an attachment from an unknown source. Here, the theory of phishing attack works which indicates that it is not complicated, but, in other words, we can say it is sensitive enough to be efficient.

The Ponemon Institute has revealed in a study that phishing campaigns can cost a heavy expenditure of $3.77 million a year to a normal U.S.Company. As per the numerous damaging phishing attacks reported in 2017, there was an indication that anyone can be fooled because of opening the wrong and malicious sites unintentionally. Take for instance; malware-loaded emails were sent by the hackers to Chipotle staff, and the point-of-sale systems at many spots got compromised on account of this. The secret customer credit card data was stolen from millions of people in this development. Another instance is that when Google and Facebook lost $100 million each when a cyber criminal used a phishing email to cheats their employees for transferring funds overseas. Furthermore, a spear-fishing scam featuring fake information requests were sent to employees for the purpose of tax payments, affected over 120,000 individuals working in over 100 organizations.

The above-mentioned examples indicate the velocity of cyber attacks that are alarming in information security. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how high-tech attacks get over time, but the best way is to impart suitable training to the employees, so that they can handle cyber-attacks in an efficient manner.

Phishing testing involves a method in which you have to consider the hacker’s role and target employees working at your organization to see who gets allured. In this way, you can uncover a standard judgment of employee vulnerability to cyber attacks. Consequently, you can impart practical training to those employees who carry on to get deceived by these tests. The main purpose of this training doesn’t mean that it would lead to employees’ embarrassment, but it can certainly help them learn how to spot and manage phishing attacks. Furthermore, if they fail to come upto your expectations in the unreal-phishing test, it could turn out to be a liability when the actual thing happens.

An employee working in a security firm ‘Absolute’ disclosed that a high-ranking executive was too targeted by a phishing attack. In response to this attack, the firm’s internal training assisted him to identify the attack and their IT team right away tackled the same.

The phishing test development should be made in such a manner that the fake email generation is adequate enough to offer a skillful moment, but not so tempting that it would even fool the cyber security experts responsible for managing the latest ransomware.

One of the employees in an organization even sent a phishing email to his associates that rewarded employees with coffee shop gift cards as a part of company celebration. Surprisingly, more than 78 percent of the company employees, at random, clicked on the link for the coffee, and the coffee shop chain also accepted these coffee gift cards. Moreover, the company had to pay them back. In order to make sure that such things never happen, the best solution is to impart training to the employees when building a phishing test. As a result, they will become aware of the phishing mails and know how to manage them.

Keeping in view the modern-day phishing attacks, the training programs should reflect their complexity and the basics too. Interactive security trainings carried out throughout the year helps in keeping the employees alert and also the organizations can notice latest trends and track processes in due course. Make sure that your employees should think twice, earlier than opening an email attachment after falling victim to an unreal phishing attack.