Kaspersky ZETA Shield Technology

What is Kaspersky ZETA Shield Technology? 

ZETA Shield is new security technology form Kaspersky Labs, included as part of the newest version of Kaspersky products.

Zero-day vulnerabilities are the single biggest threat to organizations in the present time. Cybercriminals, unlike the conventional ways of jamming a complete network of computers and then attacking, are now targeting specific PCs, with specific users. Social engineering plays a major role in bringing the virus inside the computer without coming under the scrutiny of the antivirus program. In these attacks, loopholes are first identified, which literally take thousand s of man hours and then they are converted into tunnels for the infection to enter the system by introducing exploit programs into them. Even if some antivirus programs are able to detect the exploit programs, they are highly unlikely to be registered into the database since a very small number of computers have been affected. This makes the attack go virtually undetected.

The ZETA Shield technology, introduced by Kaspersky labs has been deployed into its newest release keeping into mind the path followed by exploit programs to enter the system. They are disguised as codes and almost every time, don’t get caught. Kaspersky’s Zeta Shield Technology uses multiple string parsers to check every line of code or text that comes in its way, comparing it to its regular format and analyzing the objects using the code. If a matching set is found, it lets the parser continue. In case it doesn’t seem to find a valid relationship between the code fragment and the object, the antivirus treats it as an exception and doesn’t let it penetrate deeper into the system.

Why should organizations opt for Zeta Shield Technology? 

Since it has been an established fact that every database is as important to an organization as deposit boxes are to banks, it should be the first on the priority list to be prepared for any zero-day vulnerabilities. Integrated with the Kaspersky security Network Cloud Service, Kaspersky antivirus solutions provide you the most advanced protection against viruses, malware- known or unknown. With its high processing speed and a high end protection against cybercriminals, the rate of cybercrimes in an organization is sure to experience a heavy jolt.

The scientists at Kaspersky Labs have come up with a unique mathematical model to optimize the process of scanning and ZETA Shield is packed with the right mixture of experience and technology.


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