ZoneAlarm 2015 is Here!

ZoneAlarm 2015 Security Suites provide the best protection EVER! ZoneAlarm 2015 stops 100% of undiscovered attacks, according to a January 2014 test by AV Test. ZoneAlarm 2015 offers all the top-notch features of the previous versions had, plus a whole bunch of new, state-of-the-art additions.
You'll find more specifics about each of these features below!

ZoneAlarm 2015 New Features 

Advance Real-Time Antivirus: Provides superior protection by checking against new and existing threats. Checks files in real-time against an always up-to-date cloud database of antivirus signatures.

Threat Emulation: Protects against undiscovered threats in email attachments and web downloads. Looks for malicious behavior and alerts you if files are infected.

Find My Laptop: Locates your lost or stolen laptop using Wi-Fi enabled location tracking, Google Maps, and ZoneAlarm technology. See your missing laptop's location on the map, lock it remotely, and send a custom message to the finder.

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Powerful New Antivirus Engine: 
  • Blocks online threats and hackers Monitors suspicious behavior 
  • Cleans deep-rooted, hard to remove viruses 
  • Detects viruses during installation
Facebook Privacy Scan: 
  • Identifies timeline posts that expose your private information 
  • Scans photos, videos and status updates for tags that can hurt your privacy 
Do Not Track: 
  • Blocks companies from tracking and collecting your personal information 
  • Controls who can follow you as you surf the 
  • Internet Increases your Internet browsing speed 


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