AVG Internet Security 2014 Beta (build 4016)

NEW Beta version (build 4016) of AVG Internet Security 2014 NOW available for testers. 

AVG Internet Security 2014 NEW FEATURES:

AVG File Shredder - remove files or folders permanently and securely from your harddrive. Simply click the corresponding option in the context menu of the selected file or folder and follow the indicated steps. Once shredded, the files will be permanently removed from your harddrive without the option of restoring or retrieval.


Setup: Re-installation over 2013 versions on Windows 8 might cause problems – it is recommended to uninstall any 2013 versions first and install 2014 BETA 1 on a clean machine

AVG File Shredder:
•The progress bar is going up and down during the file shredding progress
•Wrong error message wording during folder shredding if a file within the folder is open
•After skip button during shredding procedure is pressed, a new error message is displayed
•When shredding is applied on recycle bin, wrong design and wording is used
•Recycle Bin icon refresh to empty state suffers with high latency after shredding is done
•No confirmation message is shown once the shredding is done

The final versions of AVG 2014 NOW available for Download & Purchase.
AVG AntiVirus 2014
AVG Internet Security 2014
AVG PC TuneUp 2014


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