AVG 2014 Small Update 4 is Here!

AVG 2014 Small Update 4 is a step on the way towards 2015. 
AVG users can look forward to additional functionality and improvements on AVG 2015 Security products line (AVG Antivirus, AVG Internet Security, AVG Premium Security, AVG Protection Pro and AVG Performance Pro).

There are additional improvements and fixes related to product features, security and performance.  

*Fixed issue with incorrect display of information that Online Shield is starting while the component is already running and fully functional.
*Fixed problem when data download continued even after process shutdown.
*Fixed issue with possible false positive detection of a hidden process.
*Graphical arrangements in the main screen of the user interface. 

In certain cases after the update to the Small Update 4 BETA version the PC can be disconnected from the internet. This can be fixed by a reboot of the computer. 

Update packages have been published via Beta Update servers (if you already run AVG 2014 Beta from previous test, simply wait to get the automated update or push Update now button from the main UI to get it)

If you have any comments or discussion topics, please share them with others in Beta forum.
For more information about AVG Beta, visit: http://www.avg.com/us-en/beta-program



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