Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta Download

The New Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta available for download

Compatible with Windows 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP/ MAC and Android

What’s New on Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta?
  • New interface: easy-to-use interface, making it much easier than ever.
  • Much smaller local signature files. Nothing to do with traditional solutions.
  • All in cloud, not on your PC.
  • Developed from scratch to achieve 0% impact on system performance.
  • New heuristics-based protection to catch new malware without needing to know it first.
  • New signature cache for offline virus detection.
  • Proven efficiency: Over 5 million users can’t be wrong.
  • "Cloud inside": New architecture based on Panda’s cloud.
  • New PC Tuneup module. Keep your computer clean and tidy. You won't see the difference, but you will notice it.
  • Data Shield: Control access to sensitive data. Protect your confidential documents.
  • Parental Control. Give your kids the freedom they need with the protection you demand.
  • New smart firewall - Protect your Wi-Fi from intrusions and attacks.
  • Rescue Kit. Boot infected PCs in safe mode and disinfect them.

Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta Download Link

NOTE: You shouldn't use the Beta version as your main security protection.


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