The fastest Avira Engine ever - Coming soon!

In order to improve Avira engine and focus on impressively low use of resources. The German-based security software vendor Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG will publish the new product update 4.2
With the new product update 4.2 Avira will be using xVDF (e(x)tended Virus Definition File) for the first time. This is the successor to the current nVDF format which consists of 32 VD files. An xVD file allows Avira to increase this number significantly and thus optimize the download speed because newly downloaded xVD update files are combined to form a single VD file (local.vdf) on the user's PC.

VDF files, which contain fingerprints and detection rules, are created by Avira virus laboratory to identify malware. These files allow Avira to supply detection for current and future malware several times a day.

An overview of the benefits:
• System start is twice as fast 
• Smaller VD file size with each update 
• Reduced VDF download volume 
• Lower resource consumption used by the main process


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