ESET Internet Security 11 (2018) Review

Today I’m going to Review ESET Internet Security 11 (2018). So, let’s get right to it.
In the home screen you can see the basics, like the overall state of the computer for example, as you can see, ESET is keeping us safe. You can also do a quick security sweep of your system by clicking here, or you can open a special secure browser for online banks and other payment websites. One feature I really like in ESET Internet Security is the so called “connected home monitor”. This feature shows the devices that are currently on your network, and lets you look up their IP addresses, MAC addresses and so on, you can also look up when exactly the devices entered your network. It’s very useful, especially with the rise of cyber-attacks from seemingly secure smart home devices like smart light-bulbs. 

Switching over to the Computer Scan section, we can do a custom scan and specify locations. You can even scan the Boot Sector manually, which is great, since most antivirus software solutions don’t allow you to do that, this is mostly exclusive to ESET. 

The Update section is pretty straightforward, since there’s not much to set up, when it comes to database updates; but, you can see when specific antivirus modules were updated, as you can see here, it’s a pretty big list of security modules that ESET provides. 

In the Tools section we can see 2 features we have already discussed, like the Connected Home Monitor and the secure Banking web browser; and one feature that we haven’t seen yet, called Anti-Theft. Anti-theft will allow you to see your devices position on the map, monitor foreign activity, and, ultimately, increase the chance of getting it back. After enabling the feature and registering your device, ESET will advise you on how to proceed, in order to optimize your device for this feature, for example, add a password to your Windows account and also add a new, phantom Windows account that the robber will see instead of the real one, so that your private data stays safe. 

Clicking on “more tools”, there’s even more in-depth tools for security analysis, like a more advanced task manager that will allow you to spot a rogue executable easily, or a file system monitor that can be used to spot encryption tools trying to capture your data, and a network monitor that allows you to see which processes communicate with the outside world, and how. 

But, besides the more in-depth tools, ESET also provides essentials like a scheduler, which will allow you to customize the antivirus’s scanning routines to better suit your needs; a system rescue LiveDisk, for extreme cases when your pc can’t even boot to windows, and a system cleaner, that will free up space on your main drive. 

Over in the setup section you can toggle ESET Internet Security features on and off. So, for example, if you’re using a public e-mail service like Gmail, you can turn off Email client protection and anti-spam protection. Or, if you prefer the Windows built in firewall, you can disable the one ESET provides you. You can also manually block malicious IP addresses. 

For more performance minded people, you can disable more intensive modules like a Real-time file system scanner, even though I personally would not recommend that.

Bottom Line:
Essentially, every imaginable customization of your antivirus setup is possible with ESET Internet security, and I haven’t even covered the Advanced settings, which are so expansive, they have their own search bar. Honestly the feature set and freedom ESET Internet Security provides is not just impressive, it’s mind-blowing. And the smart design hides the customization away if you don’t want it. It’s kind of ingenious.
This piece of software will fit right in on both a family PC and a tinkerer’s machine, I can definitely recommend it.
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