11 Best and Worst Antivirus 2018-2019 for Mac users

The users of MacOS are increasing fast, and accordingly, there is emerging threat of malware on this platform. However, there is nothing to worry as near about eight antivirus programs have been found to protect Mac platform. AV-Test (Germany-based lab) made an evaluation on nine Mac home antivirus programs, and found them safe, except Comodo which was found to be insecure.

AV-Test conducts an assessment of different antivirus programs for Windows, MacOS and Android on a periodic basis. This time again, the evaluation was conducted in an organized manner, and it was revealed that Mac too needs an antivirus software. In the past, it was doubtful that whether Mac needs any antivirus protection or not. However, in 2017, AV-Test discovered more than 12 million attacks on MacOS, along with 38,000 fresh Mac malware samples. An individual who opts for Mac, and ignores the use of any antivirus product will certainly get into trouble on account of unavoidable and expensive repairs.

As per the evaluations made for MacOS, the best antivirus products are:
Avast Security
Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac
Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac
Sophos Home
Norton Security
Trend Micro Antivirus

All got satisfactory scores. Near about 514 pieces of Mac malware were captured by them, and so, you can feel relaxed once you have installed these programs on your system. Conversely, Comodo antivirus program captured barely 38.1 percent of Mac malicious software. AV-Test termed this performance at totally unsatisfactory. On the other hand, Intego Mac Security X9 10.9 was found to be 99.4 percent efficient and F-Secure Safe 17.0 got 93.8 percent efficacy. Both these antivirus products were somewhat safe, being near to 100 percent, but were doubtful on account of their higher margin of inaccuracy.

Furthermore, the scanning of all these antivirus products by AV-Test revealed that they are the genuine programs. AV-Test also found the Mac antivirus programs (business-oriented), namely ESET Endpoint Security, McAfee Endpoint Security, Sentinel One Next Generation Endpoint Security and Sophos Central Endpoint all safe and acceptable.

The above-mentioned findings based on AV-Test evaluation projected all the 8 home based antivirus programs as safe, expect Comodo which was not accepted and recommended for MacOS. It, is, therefore, recommended that one should apply some common sense while using any of these antivirus programs for MacOS protection. Don’t go in a hurry, otherwise, you will get nothing but only loss of time and money.

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