Is your Huawei phone spying on you?

The US intelligence community has made recommendations that the Chinese Huawei phones existing in the US market are posing a serious threat to the country’s top-secret intelligence. In a meeting held this Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee including the director of national intelligence, and eminent heads of the CIA, the FBI who made the recommendations. As reported by CNBC, they also warned the US citizens to stop themselves from using the gadgets marketed by Chinese-made Huawei and ZTE.

The FBI Director Chris Wray stated that the US govt was seriously thinking about the risks involving the entry of a foreign-based telecommunications company in the US market that doesn’t contribute to their standards. They are suspected to gain powerful positions inside their telecommunications systems. He further warned that this would grant them the power to transform or steal their secret information, and even go for unnoticed spying.

It is pertinent to mention there these kinds of warnings are not a new thing. In the past too, the US intelligence community was aware of the possible threats, since Huawei established by a former worker China’s People’s Liberation Army was depicted to be the Chinese govt’s agent by the US officials. As a result, the bidding for Huawei for the US government contracts got banned in 2014. Because of this development, the company’s entry into the US consumer electronics is unsure and challenging.

No doubt, Huawei initiated its business as a telecoms company building hardware for communications, the firm’s Smartphones thronged the entire consumer items market successfully. Even, it outshined the topmost Apple and Samsung Smartphones. However, the company was a total failure in getting reorganization in the US, primarily on account of opposition from the US govt.

Even last month, Huawei intended to enter the US market by launching its new Mate 10 Pro mobile, but the deal was pulled out at the last minute, largely due to political pressure. Because of this unforeseen incident, Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu portrayed the move as a huge loss both for the company as well the consumers. The efforts for the launching of Mate 10 seem to be uncertain now, and acting desperately, the company in now resorting to practices like getting users to write down fake reviews for its new Mate 10 Pro mobile.

Furthermore, the lawmakers in the US are even considering passing a bill in the next senate meeting that would impose a total ban and restrictions on the usage of Huawei and ZTE phones by the govt employees. The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr said that it is beyond any doubt that the Chinese telecoms like Huawei and ZTE are the arms of the Chinese government.

In reply to the above-mentioned developments, Huawei’s spokesman told CNBC that it is very unfortunate that the US govt agencies are not allowing Huawei’s telecom business in the US market. Huawei is a well-known telecom brand, and it has gained an excellent reputation in more than 170 countries worldwide. This is mainly because of the highly- developed, safe and secure products marketed by Huawei.


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