Top Antivirus 2018-2019 for Android Mobiles and Tablets

The Android platform on the Google Play store has been often targeted by malware across the world. Consequently, the need for antivirus programs is considered very important in order to protect Android users on this particular platform.

AV-TEST, an autonomous security institute, regularly conducts tests in order to find out the most secure apps coupled with the best malware protection on Google’s Android platform. As per the new research carried out by AV-Test, different application solutions were considered for an evaluation with Google’s own Play Protect. The main aim of the research was to determine the genuineness of the third-party solutions.

As per the evaluation results, Google’s Play Protect got a low score below to one’s expectations. All other security solutions gave a satisfactory score, although some of them gave a low- performance score. On the Android platform, the six different security solutions which got the highest score included, Bitdefender, Cheetah Mobile, Sophos, Norton, and Trend Micro. These security solutions ranked well and all of them got a 100% score on the evaluation based on their usability, performance, and other related features. McAfee and Tencent got a 99.9 percent score, while Ahn Lab, Avast, and G Data got a 99.8 percent score.

The result further revealed that on an average, Android security tools were efficient in detecting 95.7 percent of the latest Android malware in real-time. Other findings of the AV-TEST showed that F-Secure’s SAFE security solution (Android) got the lowest ranking score with merely 2.5 points for protection and 6 points for usability purposes. This score was regardless of the security features that are considered to be very important for an Android platform.

Another interesting fact is that Google’s own anti-malware shield in its Play store was able to identify only 65.8 percent of the latest Android malware in real-time.

Unfortunately, Google’s Play Protect was the only product that was unable to get any kind of approval from AV-TEST.

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