Apple Organization HIT by Online Hackers

Apple was lately assaulted by online hackers who contaminated Macintosh PCs of some employees, the organization said this in an unprecedented disclosure describing the widest known online strikes targeting computers used by corporations. The malware was designed to strike Mac computers.

Apple determined the malware which infected a small number of Mac systems through a weakness in the Java plug-in for browsers. The viruses were employed in an attack against Apple and other organizations, and was spread through a website for application developers. Some systems which were found to have been infected within Apple were isolated from the network.

The disclosure is uncommon for Apple organization, which usually doesn't disclose when attacked. Previously, the company used to release notices on its support page of possible vulnerabilities and released application updates to fix them.

In the statement issued to The Verge, Apple said that online hackers contaminated a "small number" of its PCs in a strike that ill used Java weakness. The organization said that there was no proof that any data left the company and no user details was compromised. Apple continued to say that the rare security breach used the same malware that was previously used to target Facebook and other social organizations. Apart from being a high-profile target, the situation is extremely uncommon for Apple, and the organization has said that it is dealing with police officers to track down those responsible.

Apple had for decades bragged about its computers’ resistance to harmful applications, a key selling feature over computers which are using Microsoft Corp.'s software. Recently hackers have increasingly targeted Mac PCs, reflecting the growing popularity of the Apple brand name and the increasing number of Mac computers which are used in organizations.

The same application, infected Mac computers by taking advantage of a flaw in the edition of Oracle Corp's Java application used as a plug-in for Web browsers. This was used to launch strikes against Facebook. Apple is therefore planning to release a program to protect its customers against malware used in the strike against it and Facebook..

Twitter, which revealed also that it had been breached and that online hackers might have accessed some details of about 250,000 clients, was attacked in the same campaign, according to an individual who is close to the investigation. Investigations into the breaches are still going on and it is not clear when the strikes had begun, the extent to which the online hackers had succeeded in stealing information from targeted systems, or whether all infected devices have been identified is still not clear.


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