Windows 8.1 "Blue" Antivirus

As we've known for a few several weeks, the Windows customer team at Microsoft is working on its first "feature-pack" update for Windows 8, apparently due summer, which is codenamed "Blue" or officially name Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 (Blue) is the way Microsofts is referring to the next significant foundation update for Window’s Cellphone, the Windows Services (like SkyDrive, Hotmai, etc.), and Windows Host server, according to according to an accurate tipster who doesn't want to be identified. In other words, Blue is a trend of item refreshes which are not expected to appear exactly all on the same day, but are intended to be launched more or less around the same time.

Before these various Blues are available to people, there will continue to be minimal repairs, firmware up-dates and new features included in Windows 8, Windows Services, Windows RT and Windows Mobile phone. On the Cellphones aspect of the house, for example, the first minimal upgrade, codenamed Portico, already has made its way out to a number of Windows Mobile phone customers.

Windows 8.1 (Blue) symbolizes a significant change in how Microsofts creates, deploys and markets software and services. To date, many Microsofts categories like Window Live, Windows and Window server have been targeted on providing a significant foundation up-dates every two to three years. The task is to get them to rotate around annually foundation up-dates, the first of which will hit as part of the Blue trend.

On the Microsoft aspect, the changes required to accomplish this will be especially far attaining and noticeable. Instead of RTMing a new edition of Microsoft windows once every three years, and then hoping/praying OEMs can get the final pieces examined and pre installed on new components a few several weeks later, Microsoft is going to try to force Blue out to customers far more quickly, possibly via the Windows Store, according to an accurate inside tipster.

There's still no word on specific new functions coming to any of the Blue wave of products or services. But modifications to the consumer experience, new dev-platform related pieces, as well as new editions of Internet Explorer, Bing, Mail, Schedule, and other incorporated applications are likely to feature into the Blue picture, said the source. Blue will include some kernel and driver-level up-dates which could help with battery lifespan and overall performance, according to the source, but in reverse interface with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 seems to be a main concern.

Work on Windows Blue is ongoing right now, with new reviews declaring that the complete edition of the first significant Windows 8 transformation may appear this season.

According to a report by ZDNet, Windows Red has just achieved one of the two growth levels established by Microsoft, which means that the update is midway here.

Blue recently past the so-called M1 growth stage, with M2, the second and the last essential point in the whole process, to be achieved by summer.

Sources close to the matter sign that Microsofts may not launch a Windows Blue developer review, with the company planning to bring the complete edition directly to the industry sometime this season. Of course, this could be a bit dangerous, given the fact that each item needs to be examined before the public launch, but Microsofts seems to be really interested in providing Blue out there as soon as possible.

The question now is if Windows 8.1 (Blue) will really proceed with a built-in antivirus - Windows Defender (rhetorical question) And if the security issue is essential enough to be taken concern, or as always it is the role of the leading providers such as Norton, Bitdefender, ESET etc.



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