ESET Cyber Security Pro & ESET Cyber Security

ESET announced the launch of the next generation of security products for the Mac® OS X platform®

ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security 

With 25 year highest achievement of developing award-winning technology, ESET, has been the global leader in production of digital protection. The new ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security. Designed to make a safe system even safer.

In the recently published AV-Comparatives' Mac Security Review 2012, top reviewers declared the ESET offering, "the most comprehensive products we have tested. An extra layer of protection to the built-in Apple® Internet security features has been added by both ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro and also offer more than a dozen new or enhanced features to protect consumers.

What's new?

Improved browsing and communication security
ESET scans and detects threats in major POP3®/IMAP® email clients and HTTP web protocol.

Security with one-click access to solutions
Either application runs efficiently in the background and will only ask for attention when necessary. Advanced settings allow experienced users to tailor in-depth security settings based on specific preferences or individual requirements.

Cloud-powered scanning
ESET LiveGrid carefully analyzes global threats, attack vectors, and patterns to protect users from emerging threats, while also identifying "safe" files on the user's hard drive. This improves scanning performance and eliminates false positives over time. All scanning engine updates are small in size and quickly sent to ESET users, without slowing down system performance.

Removable media protection Automatically scan any potentially unsafe removable device for threats, including USB™ drives, CDs, DVDs or FireWire™.

Online protection for the entire family
Unique to ESET, and included with both products at no extra charge, ESET Cybersecurity Training teaches the entire family how to defend against cyber threats, scams and hackers.

Parental Control
Allows parents to control and limit their children's online activity by blocking certain categories of web pages and setting up pre-set age-appropriate profiles, such as child, teenager or adult.

Protect personal data
ESET Personal Firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing your Mac remotely and allows you to define a range of user profiles, each with special firewall settings assigned for a specific situation.


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