G Data Total Protection 2014 + Download Link

G Data Total Protection 2014 Including: AntiVirus, Mailschutz, BankGuard, AutostartManager, Gaming, Firewall, AntiPhishing, Kindersicherung, Backup, Datentresor, Gerätekontrolle

  • Active hybrid protection with CloseGap technology to close security gaps 
  • AutostartManager accelerates startup - boot up as you did on the first day 
  • Device control controls use of USB devices or DVDs 
  • Completely re-engineered user interface for intuitive use - no manual needed 
  • New BankGuard technology for secure banking and online shopping 
  • Integrated backup function for automatic data backup in the background 
  • Behavior monitoring protects against unknown viruses 
  • Additional real-time data comparison in the cloud protects against false positives 
  • Parental controls to block inappropriate content, subscription offers, etc. 
  • Saves resources thanks to fingerprinting, idle scanning, and active hybrid protection 
  • System tuning for a fast PC 
  • Service Center: We are there to assist you 
  • Protect your Android™ smartphone or tablet against viruses and mobile threats

Download G Data Total Protection 2014


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