Download, Install & Activate AVG 2014

This guide will help you download, install & activate your new AVG 2014: AVG Antivirus 2014, AVG Internet Security 2014 & AVG Premium Security 2014 

You can install your new AVG 2014 from a CD/DVD or from a file that you download.

To download your new AVG 2014, you need to get the version from the AVG official website: www.avg.com. The Support / Downloads section provides the installation files for each AVG edition (AVG Antivirus AVG Internet Security or AVG Premium Security).

Please make sure you are installing the correct version that matches your license number. If you are not sure which files you need to download and install, you may want to use the Select product service at the bottom of the web page. After you answer three simple questions, this service defines the exact files you need. Press the Continue button to get redirected to a complete list of download files customized for your personal needs. Once you have downloaded and saved the installation file on your hard disk, you can launch the installation process. The installation is a sequence of simple and easy to understand dialogs. Each dialog briefly describes what do at each step of the installation process.

If you install from a CD/DVD, insert the CD/DVD into the optical drive. In Windows Vista or Windows XP, click Install AVG. In Windows 7 or Windows 8, click Launch AVG Install and then click Install AVG.

Step 1 - Language Selection
The installation process starts with the Welcome to AVG Installer dialog: In this dialog you can select the language used for the installation process. Click the combo box to roll down the language menu. Select the desired language, and the installation process will proceed further in the language of your choice. Attention: At the moment you are only selecting the language of the installation process. The AVG AntiVirus 2014 application will be installed in the selected language, and in English which is always installed automatically.

Step 2 - License Agreement
Please read the entire text carefully. To confirm that you have read, understood, and accept the agreement press the Accept button.

Step 3 - Activate your license
In the Activate Your License dialog you are invited to enter your license number into the provided text field:

Where to find the license number The sales number can be found on the CD packaging in your AVG 2014 box. The license number will be in the confirmation email that you received after purchasing your AVG 2014 online. You must type in the number exactly as shown. If the digital form of the license number is available (in the email), it is recommended that you use the copy and paste method to insert it.

Step 4 - Select type of installation
The Select type of installation dialog offers the choice of two installation options: Express and Custom Install. Select your preferred option and press the Next button. Complete the installation and restart your computer when prompted.

AVG product is now installed. 




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