The New Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac 2014

Bitdefender has introduced the most advanced protection system for the Macintosh OS. 
The New Bitdefender antivirus for Mac 2014 is fully loaded with features and greatly enhances your experience while protecting your computer 24*7

Unlike any other platform independent antivirus, the new Birdefender antivirus for Mac 2014 is exclusively designed for Mac users. The user interface completely blends with the background and gives it a nice warm, glossy touch.

The New Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac 2014 runs at a surprisingly high speed. New scanning technology helps the antivirus adapt to your computer over a period of time and learn the user’s interaction with the computer as well.

Antivirus software could not be left running due to the fact that they slowed down the processing speed of the computer since they consumed tons of memory resources. Bitdefender’s new technology does not let the antivirus take complete control of the system. It scans your system for a few times, learns the behavior and categorizes files based on their trust certificates. This ensures that files with a very high trust rate are skipped if their blueprints remain unchanged. A database is maintained which gets constant updates from the cloud and provides you with the latest virus definitions.

Salient features of The New Bitefender Antivirus for Mac 2014:
  1. Fast - The antivirus gets its speed from the New scanning technology which minimizes the scan time by adapting to your computer 
  2. Anti-Phishing Protection - The antivirus not only keeps watching your computer but also the internet. It does not let you wander near websites which are known to be malicious or are fake copies. Even if you get inside one, the system warns the user with a “growl”. 
  3. Full scan/Scheduled Scan/Quick Scan - Scan the computer thoroughly or schedule the scans on Sundays- It allows you complete freedom to use it as you please. Plug in a flash drive and choose custom scans to make sure that you don’t become the transmitter or receiver of malware. 
  4. Automatic Updates - No need to manually update the engine if you are connected to the cloud. The antivirus system does it on its own to provide the best protection to your Mac. 


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