AVG Internet Security 2014 Review

Welcome to AVG Internet Security 2014 Review by Anti-Virus4U.com

The 2014 version of AVG Internet Security released last week.
We tested the features and improvements.
Here's the answer.


1. Protection Rating - AVG Internet Security 2014 defended against 96 of the 100 threats (96%).

2. Almost everything included: The complete Internet Security package provides you with an anti-virus for the system, an anti-rootkit, email scanner, link scanner, Social Networking protection and much more. Thus, you can be more confident while surfing the web or making transactions or opening links. AVG Internet Security 2014 would always be there to guide you.

3. Email Scanner is a delight: The email scanner works right from the top to the bottom, without leaving a single piece of spam mail behind. It regularly checks your email accounts to classify emails as spam or important.

4. AVG Shredder included: With AVG Shredder, things that you delete would never find their way back into the system. Hence, you can confidently shred confidential files and rest assured.

5. Encryption: AVG Internet Security 2014 goes beyond the task of securing your PC against uninvited access to securing the information stored on your PC and online profiles using encryption, in order to provide an extra layer of protection.

6. Advanced User Interface: As a response to the rising consumer demand for a new, modern look- more adapted to wards the latest release of Windows; AVG has come up with a new, retro look, while keeping most of the things intact.


1. Lengthy installation: The 123MB installation file takes quite some time to successfully install on your system. Shorter than its predecessors, the installation process still cannot be termed effortless or comfortable.

2. Automatic browser modifications: Unless the “CUSTOM INSTALL” option is not chosen, the installer automatically changes your homepage and adds an add-on to your browser.

3. No recovery disk provided 


With the advent of the Internet, practically everyone has an online identity and everything has gone virtual, be it shopping or finding jobs. Because of the fact that an exponential rise in the dependency of the population on the internet has been observed in the last decade, attempts to steal information stored online or even identities have recorded a growth, along with the number of victims, as well as cybercriminals. With AVG Internet Security 2014, you no longer have to worry about insecure money transactions, information-theft/leak or attempts to hack into your system. The award-winning antivirus program, with its easy to use and sleek User Interface guards you and your network and encloses you in a safe bubble to thwart every attempt to introduce viruses/rootkits/Trojans or any other form of malware into your PC.

AVG Internet Security 2014 includes pretty much everything to keep you safe over the internet. Available at an affordable price, it is highly recommended.

 4.5 Star Rating for AVG Internet Security 2014 

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