AVG PC TUNEUP 2014 Review

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Let us get a deeper insight of AVG PC TUNEUP 2014: 


1. Dramatically increases speed of the computer by using programs such as Program Deactivator and Live Optimization. They free up the RAM and schedule processes in the memory according to their priority. As a result, the boot-time is also reduced.

2. Registry and Disk Defragmentation: In the long run, the registry gets clogged and the memory gets distributed unevenly, making it difficult for the processor to access it. AVG PC TUNEUP 2014 cleans up the registry and defragments it so that the computer doesn’t have to waste unnecessary time searching it.

3. Disk Cleanup: Disk cleanup lets you analyze your hard disk and clean all the things which you don’t need in a single click.

4. User Interface: The UI has been improved and now provides even more options on the homepage.

5. Battery: AVG PC TUNEUP 2014 helps you conserve battery by offering you different power options. You can either choose to run the PC at peak performance or run it in order to maximize the battery life.

6. Free Trial for One month.


Difficult to uninstall completely. 


Over time, a computer’s performance gets affected and it slows down, sometimes drastically because of numerous reasons. For people who are still living in the Stone Age, the only solution is to format the hard drive and install a fresh copy of the Operating system as well as lose data. For many years, it always has been either performance or quality. Rarely do PCs provide optimum performance while keeping the quality intact. For example, a 3-year old PC which has never been reset to its original factory settings would show prominent lags while displaying High-definition content. At the same time, a new PC would do so effortlessly. The reasons behind performance differences are many- CPU usage, registry fragmentation, disk fragmentation, availability of RAM etc.

With AVG PC TUNEUP 2014, you can transform your old computer into a power-packed machine. It analyzes your primary memory for issues and recommends programs/ features which consume memory unnecessarily. AVG PC TUNEUP- 2014 is designed to handle everything which affects the performance of your computer and offers you various profiles to choose from.

If you are looking for a program to speed up your PC and optimize resource consumption to conserve the battery, AVG PC TUNEUP 2014 is meant for you. Priced at $39.99, it gives you a complete value for money.


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