Dr.Web Anti-virus 9.0 & Dr.Web Security Space 9.0

Dr.Web Anti-virus 9.0 and Security space 9.0 Available for Download and Purchase - Windows 8/7/Vista (32- and 64-bit), XP (32-bit).

Includes the following components:

Dr.Web Scanner® (Scanner) - is an Anti-virus scanner with graphical interface. The program runs on user demand or as scheduled and checks the computer for viruses. There is also a command line version (Dr.Web Console Scanner®).

SpIDer Guard® - is an anti-virus guard. The program resides in the main memory, checks files and memory on the fly, and detects virus-like activity.

SpIDer Mail® - is an anti-virus guard for e-mail. The program intercepts calls sent from mail clients to mail servers through POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/NNTP protocols (IMAP4 stands for IMAPv4rev1), and detects and neutralizes mail viruses before a mail message is received by the mail client or before a mail message is sent to the mail server. SpIDer Mail uses Anti- spam to scan mail for spam messages.

Dr.Web for Outlook - is a plug-in that checks Microsoft Outlook mail boxes for viruses and spam.

SpIDer Gate™ - is an HTTP monitor. By default, SpIDer Gate automatically checks incoming HTTP traffic and blocks all malware objects.

Parental Control - is used to restrict access to devices, various local and network resources, and allows to set custom time limits on using your computer and the Internet for different Windows accounts.

Dr. Web Firewall - protects your computer from unauthorized access and prevents vital data from leaking through networks.

Dr.Web Updater - allows registered users to receive updates of the virus database and other program files as well as automatically install them.

SpIDer Agent - is a utility that lets you set up and manage Dr.Web Security Space components.


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