Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2014 Review

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Transcending the traditional definition of an anti-virus, entry-level antivirus Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2014, comes with additional features like spam filter, anti-phishing component and a firewall booster.

Trend Micro scores really well in malware blocking tests. Unlike other antivirus, it had chucked testing against a static collection of malwares a while ago, meaning it does not simply cross reference threats with an existing malware database to determine if it is a malware. And as a result, it comes out on top of most other antivirus programs in dealing with zero-day threats, in which attackers target vulnerabilities that are previously unheard of, before the developers get a chance to roll out a security patch.

Another aspect of malware blocking is identifying the links that contain malicious content. Trend Micro fares well in this area too, taking care of security for your everyday online experience, including surfing the net, emails, social networking, etc.

Trend Micro’s code footprint is minimal, so is its user interface. The main console gives you a glance of the current security level of your PC. It goes the extra mile by letting you customize the home screen with your own wallpaper. It’s nothing substantial, but hey, the small things count.

Trend Micro works best as a real-time malware blocking program, but it also lets you scan your drives as you like, choosing from a Quick, In-Depth and Custom scans.

The only con of the antivirus is its mixed installation success. It fails to install successfully on some already malware-infected systems, specially when the system is infested with a ransomware. However, Trend Micro’s tech support is off the charts. A simple phone call can solve any problem that you face during installation of the product.


1. Antivirus: Excellent malware blocking, ability to deal with zero-day threats, unique cloud-based protection, good malicious URL blocking, use of file-reputation technology to determine malicious behaviour.

2. Anti-phishing and firewall: all-round protection with anti-phishing services that maintains an accurate list of phishing sites and a firewall booster that wards off exploits.

3. Lightweight code footprint that doesn’t eat up your system’s RAM and affect its performance.

4. Amazing tech-support with remote-diagnosis facilities.


1. Problems with installation on some malware-infected systems.

2. Real-time protection sometimes flag valid programs as malwares


It's not quite a perfect choice, but Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2014 works best as a real-time malware blocking program. We recommend that you try the trial version before buying. The final decision is in your hands.

 4 Star Rating for Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2014 


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