Symantec has released Norton 2014 Version 21 Products Line

Symantec has released Norton 2014 Version 21 products line (Norton AntiVirus V21, Norton Internet Security V21, Norton 360 V21 and Norton 360 Multi-Device V21. 

Symantec have unleashed the latest and most advanced version of their award-winning Antivirus kit- Norton 2014, Version 21. The release was confirmed Today-September 4, 2013 and is aimed towards the implementation of a complete abstraction of PCs from potential threats – malware, adware, viruses, rootkits etc. Possessing the best of Norton internet Security and Norton Antivirus for System, the NEW version comes with lots of tweaks to stay ahead in the race (as it always has) as the consumer’s choice of security software package.

Features exclusive to Norton 2014:
  1. Enhanced protection: Norton products have always been a high- priority option among computer users because of the stabilized performance and detection of the most complex of threats. With the introduction of Norton 2014, Norton takes another huge leap towards ensuring an overall protection of the system as well as the user. 
  2. Compatibility: Norton 2014 is now compatible with the latest Windows release- Windows 8. Users can now freely migrate to newer platforms since the Beta release has been tested O.K with Windows 8.1 as well. 
  3. Identity Protection: Norton, with the most advanced protection against cyber-threats, is also equipped with the technology to keep your identity secure over the network. Norton 2014 always stays on the alert, its two –way firewall stopping even the smallest of threats from entering into the system. 
  4. Improved Performance: Memory consumption has been fairly optimized. Norton 2014 is fast, responsive and saves chunks of time while performing various basic operations like copy/cut/paste etc. 

Norton 2014, no doubt, is the best antivirus solution available in the market for treating your infected device or guarding it against threats which might creep in through the smallest of discrepancies. It not only guards your system but also every incoming and outgoing connection, emails, IMs and pretty much everything. The two-way firewall does not let any important action take place without the permission of the user. A must-have antivirus program for every organization or user.


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