F-Secure Freedome - VPN Cloud Security for Smartphone’s and Tablets

F-Secure Freedome protects your smartphone and tablet from malicious content and gives you a secure, encrypted connection with a personal VPN. It even blocks trackers so you can remain private.

F-Secure Freedome is currently in beta testing phase and now available for external testers.

F-Secure Freedome Features:

Tracking protection
When you surf the net, corporations are tracking your online activities and selling your data to advertisers. We block these trackers so you can browse anonymously and freely.

Browsing protection
It’s harder and harder to know the good sites from the bad - so our app knows which sites are legit and warns you when you’re about to visit a site that puts you or your data at risk.

Virus protection Get some mobile malware and you might see your Twitter followers being spammed, or you might have your bank details stolen. We stop mobile malware, plain and simple.

Connection protection
Which “Free Airport Wifi” hotspot is for real? Even if you connect to a rogue network or an unsecured public network, we encrypt your data so it’s unreadable by anyone but you.

If you got interested, please visit http://freedome.f-secure.com/en/home.html and sign up for the early access program. If you are an Android user, please use your Google Play Store username (typically gmail address) in registration.



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