Version 12 (2014) of Avira Exchange Security - Small Business Edition 2014

Avira will release this month, new versions (Version 12 - 2014) of the Avira Exchange Security and the Avira Exchange Security – Small Business Edition.

What’s new on Version 12 (2014)?
Avira Exchange Security version 12 (2014) now supports the Exchange Server 2013 and the Windows Server 2012.

The Small Business Edition includes a number of enhancements: 
  1. Our whitelisting feature for email addresses/domains is now complemented by a corresponding blacklisting feature. 
  2. A new search functionality for emails in the quarantine has been introduced. 
  3. Email addresses/domains can be blacklisted/whitelisted directly from the quarantine. 
  4. Email attachments can now be filtered by attachment type and for each type you can determine how to treat it. 
As both versions will be released without a spam filter, some textual changes and rearrangements in the Small Business Edition in particular entailed necessary rearrangements and an enlargement to the configuration wizards.

To upgrade to version 12 (2014) of the Small Business Edition, we will make available, upon release, a separate upgrade package: your Small Business Security Suite customers will not need to reinstall the whole product. You will be able to use the package to upgrade your customers to the Small Business Edition, version 12 (2014).

During the upgrade, the legacy version will be uninstalled and replaced by the new one. Customers wishing to migrate their configuration can do so.




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