AVG 2014 Small Update 3 – Beta 2 version available!

The BETA version of AVG 2014 Small Update 3 received a further update which is now available for Beta testing. 

There are additional improvements and fixes related to product features, security and performance.  

  • Fixed issue with high CPU usage and memory consumption while gathering crash diagnostics. 
  • If binary changes occur in a file covered by a defined rule, AVG Firewall treats the application as unknown and asks you for decision on how to treat such file. 
  • AVG File Shredder is now supported on extended number of hardware disks. 
  • Fixed possible deadlock in AVG TDI driver. 
Update packages have been published via Beta Update servers (if you already run AVG 2014 Beta from previous test, simply wait to get the automated update or push Update now button from the main UI to get it)

If you have any comments or discussion topics, please share them with others in Beta forum.
For more information about AVG Beta, visit: http://www.avg.com/us-en/beta-program



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