Download & Install Bitdefender Small Office Security

This guide will help you download and install your Bitdefender Small Office Security
To download & install the Bitdefender Small Office Security on a computer, you have to create an Endpoint Security installation package in Network > Packages page from Control Center, then download it and run it manually on the corresponding computer.
Endpoint Security can have one of the following roles:  
Endpoint, for regular endpoints in the network.  
Endpoint Security Relay, for machines serving as local update and communication servers for other computers in the network.

Remote Installation
The first computer on which you install protection must have Endpoint Security Relay role, to be able to remotely install Endpoint Security on other computers in the network.

1. Create an installation package with Endpoint Security Relay role in the Network > Packages page.
2. Download the installation package from the Network > Packages page and run it on the target computer.
3. Remotely install protection on target computers by running the Install client task from the Network page.

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