VIPRE Business Premium 7.0 (2015) Beta

The Next Generation of VIPRE Business Protection - VIPRE Business Premium 7.0 (2015) Beta published by ThreatTrack Security

What's new in VIPRE Business Premium 7.0 (2015):

Automatic Policy Assignment - VIPRE Business Premium 7 (2015) can now automatically assign a policy for Windows computers based on machine type. Defaults can be selected for Workstations, Laptops, and Servers. These default policies replace Policy Templates as well, and can be used as basis for creation of other policies. Existing Policy Templates will be converted to regular policies.

Improvements to Unprotected Computer detection - The Unprotected Computers tab shows computers that are not protected by VIPRE agents. You can now see which computers have a VIPRE Agent installed, but are protected by a different Site Server/console.

VIPRE Roaming Service - VIPRE agents can be configured to communicate with your VIPRE Site Server even when they leave the network, without any firewall changes/configuration. Roaming Installer Package can be used in a location where a Site Server cannot be installed.

Other Issues fixed in VIPRE Business Premium 7.0 (2015) Beta:

* Windows Agent not scanning by policy showing IOS policies
* Windows Agent not scanning by policy showing Android policies
* Products are missing from patch management
* Date installed is not accurate for various products in applied patches detail report
* Patch management will not scan or install patches until the VIPRE Agent service is restarted
* Update definitions before scan not working with scheduled quick scans
* Popups for Patch Management are not accurate for the VIPRE Business Agent
* Policy will not delete when assigned to Firewall template
* Sort Agent scanned by policy report by ascending or descending is not working
* Active Protection delays open files in Recent Documents on a file server
* Randomized scan schedule not working
* Various SBAMSVC crashing – memory leak fix
* Patch management will not download updates and patches from the internet
* Scheduled remediation of patches is not working
* Logged in user column is not being updated correctly
* Cannot login to pink notes application when web filter is enabled
* Where to view blocked urls in the help file is not accurate
* Prompt action for IDS is available in the VIPRE console but not in the Agent



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