ESET Smart Security 8 (2015) Beta Download Links

The new ESET Smart Security 8 (2015) Beta available for download (Microsoft Windows: 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP). Now with New Botnet Protection. 
Botnet Protection provide protection against botnet malware, preventing your PC from becoming part of criminally-controlled network.
  • ESET Botnet protection - helps discover malware through analyzing its network communication patterns and protocols.
  • A new Smart mode for HIPS - is placed between Automatic and Interactive mode. Ability to identify suspicious activities and malicious processes in the system.
  • Improved compatibility in Windows 8/8.1 - ESET SysRescue is now fully functional on Windows 8. Toast notifications are now shown in the Windows 8 environment, notifying you of HIPS detections or file detections that require user interaction or downloads of potentially unwanted applications. 
  • Enhanced Exploit blocker - Designed to fortify commonly exploited application types such as web browsers, PDF readers, email clients and MS Office components. Exploit blocker now supports Java and helps improve detection and protection from these kind of vulnerabilities. 
  • Device control - A replacement of Removable media control used in version 5 and 6. This module allows you to scan, block or adjust extended filters/permissions and define a users ability to access and work with a given device. 
  • Vulnerability shield - An extension of firewall that improves detection of known vulnerabilities on the network level. 
  • Advanced memory scanner - Works in combination with Exploit Blocker to strengthen protection against malware that has been designed to evade detection by antimalware products through the use of obfuscation and/or encryption. 
  • Firewall improvements - In the new version of ESET Smart Security, you can adjust and manage IDS exceptions and the temporary IP address blacklist. The IDS detection notification system is now more user-friendly and informative. 
  • Anti-phishing improvements - ESET Smart Security now blocks scam sites as well as phishing sites. Improved submission of suspicious sites and false positive sites by users. 
  • Specialized cleaner - A bundle of the top 3-5 most prevalent critical malware threats. 
  • Faster and more reliable installation - Including an initial scan which runs automatically 20 minutes after installation or reboot. 
  • Mail plugin compatibility - Our plugin now integrates with Office 2013 and Windows Live Mail.

NOTE: You shouldn't use the Beta version as your main security protection.


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