Avira Small Business Security Suite 2015 Download

 The New Avira Exchange Security - Small Business Suite Security 2015 available for Download

In the latest version of Avira Exchange Security - Small Business Edition, the Avira Small Business Security Suite 2015 features a variety of changes designed to provide you with an easy-to-use email security solution for Exchange that meets the needs of companies with 3 to 100 computers. Improved spam filtering technology, the consolidation of the virus and spam quarantines, and the Antivirus Wizard, which enables you to filter email attachments and carry out the relevant actions, are just a few of the comprehensive new features.

The highlights at a glance:
  • Spam filter - Improved spam filtering technology is used from this version.
  • Blacklist/Whitelist - Both the blacklist and the whitelist can now be configured directly in the spam module.
  • Quarantine - The virus and spam quarantines are consolidated. What's more, the whitelist and blacklist are implemented directly in the quarantine. The quarantine content can also be filtered using the keywords “All fields”, “Sender”, “Recipient”, and “Subject”.
  • Antivirus - The AntiVirus Wizard allows you to define how certain email attachments should be handled, such as PDFs, encrypted or executable files, images, etc. All you have to do is activate the type you require via a check box. In addition, you can decide what should happen to the email or attachment and how you should be notified of this action.
Dashboard of Avira Exchange Security – Small Business Edition

The AntiVirus wizard with options for filtering e-mail attachments and the messages and actions to be performed
Before installing the new version of Avira Exchange Security - Small Business Edition, you need to uninstall first your existing installation.

Please proceed as follows:

1. If the quarantine contains emails that are still required, make sure to deliver them to their recipients or let them be requested via the summary report

2. Stop the service "Avira Exchange Security Control" on the server

3. Uninstall the existing version via Control Panel → Programs and Features
o Perform a right mouse click on "Exchange Avira Security - Small Business Edition" and select Change
o In the following uninstallation wizard, select the option "Remove program"
o At the end of the uninstall routine, make sure to check mark the option “Remove all user and registration information”, otherwise errors may occur during the new installation

4. After the uninstallation, you can start a new installation of the current version


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