What is Regin Malware?

What is Regin Malware?
As Virus Bulletin reports, Regin Malware is a multi-staged threat (like Stuxnet) which uses a modular approach (like Flame). This combination makes the trojan one of the most advanced threats ever uncovered. According to investigations, Regin has been used repeatedly for espionage purposes for at least the past six years. The advanced backdoor trojan attacks Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7, and can take control of input devices, record login details, monitor network traffic, and gather process and memory use information. It can also infect additional systems on the same network and cream off sensitive data.
Who does Regin affect?
Regin mainly affects companies, research institutes, governmental organizations, and individuals who have access to networks of special interest.
What happens if Regin is detected?
If PC Cleaner detects Regin, the affected system can be cleansed and the relevant files quarantined. Even after a successful system cleanup, it is worthwhile running further scans to make absolutely sure that Regin has not infiltrated other areas of the network. This also makes PC Cleaner an early warning tool. If Regin is detected, affected organizations should definitely think about taking further steps to protect their IT infrastructure.


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