Bitdefender 2016 Out Now!

Bitdefende​r 2016 out now! 
Find out what's new in Bitdefende​r 2016 products line

New Design. Consistent look.

Central & Installation 

Bitdefender Central is a security hub to which all Bitdefender 2016 users have access. After creating a Bitdefender account, users can download their personalized products or send the download link by email for other household devices. By downloading products directly from their accounts, Bitdefender installs on devices much faster, as customers will no longer need to register or active their products during installation. 


Bitdefender 2016 includes a series of powerful new features, as well as major enhancements to existing ones.

The most notable addition to the security line is a powerful proactive protection technology against ransomware, one of today’s fastest rising threats. The new anti-ransomware feature protects important documents like family albums and work files from being encrypted and held for ransom. When any potentially unsafe application attempts to change or delete a protected file, Ransomware Protection automatically blocks it. This is one of the first security technologies that can protect against all ransomware, even previously unknown ones.

Bitdefender also developed a new firewall from scratch. Built on top of the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), the new Firewall offers an advanced system for apps rules and filters and is focused around greater performance and stability. In also includes an easier way to maintain rules and priorities and it’s fully Windows 10 compatible.

With Bitdefender Central users are able to manage the security of their devices remotely. The Bitdefender Central dashboard allows them to see the status of their device (remaining days, protection status) and to trigger the remote actions such as updates, scans, vulnerability assessments, and performance optimizations. 


Children today are going online at a younger and younger age. Many parents simply cannot help themselves to create Facebook accounts for their newborns. So how should parents protect their children online? With the redesigned parental advisor from Bitdefender, parents can now discreetly monitor their kids’ steps in the online world.

Parental Advisor is now easier to use than ever before. Bitdefender allow you to see, and if needed, even restrict their children’s online activity, including the websites they visit, the apps they use, their Facebook activity and all information about themselves that they make public, contacts with whom they interact.

Parents also receive notifications each time their child tries to go over one of the limitations parents set-up (such as going online late at night), and even receive detailed reports about their activity. All these, and more, can be managed directly online through Parental Advisor dashboard from Bitdefender Central, which can be easily accessed from any Internet-connected device, PC or mobile device.

Laptop or tablet theft is a major issue that affects individuals and organizations alike. Even more than losing the hardware itself, the data lost with it can cause significant damage, both financially and emotionally. Bitdefender Anti-Theft secures the data on users’ laptop in case of loss or theft. You can locate your lost device and lock it until you get it back. Alternatively, you can also wipe all your information from it, if necessary. This year, Anti-Theft has an improved lock functionality, allowing you to easily recover your unlock code and take back control of your device.

Password Manager sync & Search Advisor 
Bitdefender Password Manager provides secure storage, encrypted and protected by password, for sensitive information such as: credit card details, passwords from sites, E-mails and other personal information that users frequently use. Previously known as Wallet, the Password Manager features also eases the online payments by automatically filling in the web payment forms for users. Bitdefender automatically detects when users want to sign up or perform an online payment and shows them a popup with fill options such as personal information, credit card details, bank account information. Password Manager also enables you to generate strong passwords and use them. You stay secure by not having to reuse passwords and you never forget them, because they are safely saved in your Bitdefender account. This year, Password Manager allows you to use your password database on all your Bitdefender-protected devices.

Search Advisor is a web browser feature that rates the results of users’ search engine queries and the links posted on social networking websites by placing an icon next to every link. It checks the links for online threats, including malware, phishing, fraud, and display red, yellow or red safety statuses next to search results on Google, Yahoo!, Bing so you can avoid visiting potentially dangerous websites. This year, Search Advisor uses an improved secure browsing technology that offers greater performance and more stability.

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