Norton Security 2016 - What's new?

 Symantec has launched the new edition of the Norton Security products line. Norton Security 2016 is the best of Norton and specifically designed to protect all your devices, from 1 device for personal use up to 10 devices for all household. 

Meet the New Norton Security 2016 products Line
Norton Security Standard 2016 (formerly Norton Security for 1 Device) - With Norton Security standard, protect your favorite device (Windows PC or MAC). 
Norton Security Deluxe 2016 (formerly Norton Security) - With Norton Security Deluxe you get to mix and match of protection on up to 3 or 5 devices. 
Norton Security Premium 2016 (formerly Norton Security with Backup) With Norton Security Premium you can protect a family of up to 10 devices and backup your personal information on your PC to a secure cloud. 

With patented technology that's always on, Norton 2016 providing security that's custom-built for each device whether it's safeguarding all of your personal information on your smart phones and tablets in case they're lost or stolen, or protecting your laptops and desktops from online threats or identity theft. 

Protect it all with the best of Norton. Get Norton Security 2016 today.  


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