Heimdal PRO for Microsoft Windows Overview

Heimdal PRO Overview
Since 2011, Heimdal has been setting new standards in fighting data and financial malware by continuously following IT criminals' footsteps and providing the best proactive security solution for individuals and also organizations.

Heimdal PRO has been designed to protect users from advanced personal and financial data stealing malware, for which antivirus products have a low detection rate.

Heimdal PRO vs Antivirus software
Heimdal PRO is the best security addition to your antivirus, as there are no overlapping functions. When you're already infected, antivirus programs detect if a virus is on your PC and TRY to remove it. But Heimdal PRO works proactively, so you don’t get infected in the first place.

Manufacturer: Heimdal Security
Retail price: $54
Discounted price: $21.99 Click Here for more information
Compatible with: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 / 32 and 64 bit Works seamlessly along with any antivirus

 System Requirements:
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Full Profile
• 25 MB disk space available
• Local administrator rights during installation
• User rights during execution
• Internet connection

Languages: English, German and Danish

Heimdal PRO Key Benefits:

1. Traffic Malware Detection: scans your computer proactively to block advanced malware
  • Zero Day Malware Protection – defends against the latest data and financial malware threats, such as Zeus Gameover, CryptoLocker, Dyreza or Hesperbot.
  • Financial Security for Banking Operations – extra layer of protection for your online payments.
  • Extensive Malware Database
  • PC LockDown – if a cyber-criminal targets Heimdal PRO, we will block your computer’s communication with the hacker’s server.
2. Advanced Web Scanning Engine: we scan your web traffic and defend your system from cyber-attacks, phishing and dangerous website.
  • Internet Traffic Security – protection against critical data leakage, zero hour exploits, hacker attacks and high risk websites.
  • Data and Financial Phishing Protection – Heimdal PRO blocks phishing attacks.
  • Malicious Lookup Blocker – we block your computer’s communication with servers used in cyber-attacks.
  • InSite Defence – protects you from malware infected websites.
3. Silent Vulnerability Patching: updating vulnerable applications to avoid security exploits.
  • Automatic, fast and silent - installing software updates as soon as they’re available, in the background.
  • Patched software: Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Plugin, Adobe Air, Chrome, Firefox, VLC, Microsoft Silverlight, QuickTime, Skype, Thunderbird and 15+ others.

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