The New Bitdefender Central

Bitdefender central offers security checkpoint for all household devices. 
Bitdefender Central is the place to manage the security of all family devices from anywhere and anytime. You can run remote scans, optimize device performance, manage devices in case of lost or theft and get in touch with Bitdefender Technical Support. You can check what happened on your devices from anywhere. 

Starting with Bitdefender 2017 Central allows you to optimize boot times on multiple Windows devices remotely, among many improvements. Unnecessary applications that slow down device boot time can be disabled or postponed directly from Central. 
  • The new Activity Dashboard shows information related to your devices and account at a glance 
  • The Support section helps you find articles of interest or get in touch with our specialized support engineers. If you have Tech Assist, you’ll also be able to schedule interventions when you need help from here. 
Activity dashboard
Central now allows you to see at a glance aggregated information on account level: protection information, how many devices you have protected by your subscription. Nevertheless it lets you optimize the boot time of your Windows devices based on what other people from the Bitdefender users community chose.

In the Protection card one can see a graphical representation of the threats blocked in files, apps and URLs level by their Bitdefender products in the past week. For each day you can see the number of threats grouped by type of threat that Bitdefender detected and blocked on your devices.

The Tune Up card gives you the possibility to see the top 3 Windows devices that would win the most from a boot time optimization using Bitdefender users community Delay choice. What is Delay choice? Once you run Startup Optimizer on your windows device you might want to consider to allow your preferences for delaying processes at startup to be reported anonymously into the cloud. This way you will help many other users to use the same choice as you.

Would help you to know easily if your subscription is still active, how many slots are still available and the products that you have access to? Well, that’s the Subscriptions card you have access to in the Activity Dashboard.

Key take away: Activity dashboard was designed with customers having Total Security Multi-Device and Family Pack in mind. To allow them easy access to aggregated information for all the devices that they own. 

Support direct access 
We integrated access to our Knowledge Base directly in Central. We provide in here recommended KB articles. The recommended articles are based on what our customers are asking Support often filtered by subscription type and language. Our Support Engineers are constantly reviewing the recommended articles and add new content when necessary. Once logged into Central you are 2 clicks away from reading a specific article. Have you not found what you were looking for? From any of the recommended articles you may open a Support ticket by clicking on the “Open a ticket” link presented on the bottom of each article.

Remote Startup optimizer 
Unnecessary applications that slow down your device’s boot time can now be disabled or postponed directly from Bitdefender Central. Save valuable time with the new remote Startup Optimizer.



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