Avira Insight - QR code scanner app for iOS available for download

After Avira released a QR code scanner for Android, it was time to develop a suitable app for iOS. Thus, the idea for Avira Insight was born. Avira Insight scans all QR code links in real time using Avira URL Cloud technology, blocking any malicious links before they load and protecting the user from infected and phishing links.

 Overview of functions:
  • Fast and efficient QR code scanner
  • Includes our proprietary Avira URL Cloud technology, which scans URLs in real time
  • Blocks malicious websites before they load
  • Know before you go: Shows you the full URL that is linked to from the QR code
  • Avira also scans barcodes and offers a price comparison
Readable QR codes:
  • URLs (if they're safe, they're opened in the browser)
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers (to make a call)
  • SMS
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (opens app or the link in the browser)
  • Text (copied to the clipboard)
  • vCard/meCard (adds a contact)
  • Geolocation (opens Google Maps link)
  • Wi-Fi codes (shows SSID, encryption, and password)

Download Avira Insight from the App Store and see for yourself how easy it is to open websites thanks to QR codes – without getting forwarded to malicious content.



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