Is Mac more secure than Windows?

Most of the users have a preference for Apple’s macOS, as it is usually considered to be secure in contrast to Windows 10. Even, some users believe that Apple’s operating system is not vulnerable to infections by viruses. However, this is not the true picture because both Windows and macOS have been reported to be attacked by several viruses. Eventually, this has also raised a question in terms of the security aspect of both these platforms.

As per the analysis done by Malwarebytes, Apple’s macOS malware noticed an increasing percentage of 270 percent last year. In the first few months of the year, there were four different major vulnerabilities that accounted for infecting Apple’s operating system. Now, it is been suspected that if the same trend concerning macOS malware’s growth goes on throughout 2018, the users will have to consider some ways or need to pay more attention to maintain the security of their systems.

Malwarebytes even highlighted that the OSX.MaMi malware, revealed by users on their own, also made an attempt to highjack DNS settings of their systems. This malware attempted to direct Internet traffic to malicious sites.

After that, Apple’s macOS was attacked by Dark Caracal, OSX.Coldroot, and OSX.CreativeUpdate. Accordingly, the security of Apple’s operating system was compromised. The users running Apple’s macOS or a different platform were cautioned to be careful when visiting unreliable websites or opening content from phishing sources.

According to Thomas Reed - Malwarebytes, on an average, the Mac users have no effectual protection from getting infected with malware, and even adware and PUPs. The worst thing here is that, since the users are ignorant of any threats, they frequently do not exercise the same carefulness online, as done by them on a Windows machine.

Since the security of both macOS and iOS platforms have been compromised on account of malware attacks, Apple is now thinking seriously to improve its software security coming in the new versions. Accordingly, Apple is anticipated to cut the focus on new features and spend more time on the security features. Nothing can be said now on the performance and functionality, and as per the strategy planned by Apple.


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