Panda Security 2018 Review

Our review for Panda Internet Security 2018 and Panda Gold Protection 2018

Panda is an excellent antivirus program featuring an advanced cloud-based anti-malware technology. It offers an outstanding protection against all possible internet threats. Its secure tool i.e. Panda Internet Security comes with excellent features that make it an important internet security program. In comparison to normal antivirus software, it is far more resourceful. It comes with a variety of features, for instance, a fireball, a network manager, a safe browser, magnificent parental controls, and brilliant email protection. Panda’s another antivirus program i.e. Panda Gold Protection is considered as the best internet security tool featuring all of these fundamental tools. What’s more, it also offers an excellent mobile protection and technical support system. Both of these Panda’s internet security tools aid in protecting your system efficiently against possible online threats. However, it can slow down your system drastically, and consume system resources significantly.

Ransomware Protection 
Both Panda Internet Security 2018 and Panda Gold Protection 2018 are efficient for providing excellent protection against ransomware. In order to make sure that your computer remains free from any serious threats, they scan email, direct messages and USB drives in an efficient manner. Both of these internet security programs have free online backup and restoration tools. This facility can well serve the purpose, in case, your PC gets attacked by malware or any other threats. In comparison to Panda Internet Security, Panda Gold Protection has the features of system vulnerability scan and a file shredder. This can evidently lead to the best scanning and detection of malware threats. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining your system free from back-dated programs that have a tendency to slow your PC down and generate loopholes for the entry of cyber criminals. None of these programs have the provision of a spam filter; however, Panda Internet Security offers great protection in the form of a solid cloud-based program.

Protection & Identity
Both Panda Internet Security and Panda Gold Protection offer a high-level protection of your identity and contact details. For instance, a virtual keyboard functions by hiding your login details from keystroke logging. Furthermore, both of these security programs have a safe browser, and a virtual tool that runs inaccessible from your computer PC ever saves any record of your browsing. Eventually, these security features well fit the purpose of online shopping and online banking in which confidential information is exchanged in the form of online transactions. Your credit card numbers, Social Security number, Phone number and contact information can remain safe. Panda security tool also offers the provision of parental controls, further aiding in the creation of user profiles for your family members. You can incorporate the list of locked as well as permitted websites. Moreover, with the support of identity protection tool, your children will not be able to share vital information like names, birthdates, and contact details online without your authority. Also, Panda offers you the provision of assessing the sites visited by your children, including the blocked sites that they tried to gain access. Panda Security offers excellent online support information in the form of a startup guide, features, and FAQs. Also, there is an existence of an active user forum from which you can get assistance from other individuals. For normal consumers, there is a phone and live chat support. However, the premium package offers 24/7 and more customized assistance. Panda Gold Protection too offers the same level of support for their premium packages.

Malware Test
The level of protection offered by Panda’s security tools against possible internet threats is satisfactory. In view of the tests conducted by some independent labs, both Panda Gold Protection and Panda Internet Security have secured perfect scores for malware detection and protecting your system. Different tests conducted to analyze Panda‘s security aspect also resulted in slowing down your computer system. Being the premium internet security programs in the industry, they also have the ability to intermittently mark websites and good files as malware.

Bottom Line:
Both Panda Internet Security 2018 as well as Panda Gold Protection 2018 are the most excellent internet security suites for malware detection. They also incorporate many useful tools for protecting your system, identity, and contact information. The best features incorporated are a firewall, parental controls, online backup, secure browsing features, and efficient restoration tools. Also, Panda Gold Protection offers excellent internet security solution, including an instant detection of internet threats.


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