Norton products 2014 called Version 21

The next version of Norton products for 2014 called: Version 21 

As you've seen, the current version no longer has the year as part of the product name: e.g. Norton Antivirus 2013, Norton Internet Security 2013 etc. 

Starting with this release (2013) Norton products are called the same but the version in the name is gone e.g. Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 etc. 

This allows to perpetually releasing versions of the products without having to do GUI (Graphical user interface) changes in the products. 

In order to find the version of your Norton product: 

1. Start your Norton product. 
2. On top-right corner, click Help & Support or Support > About 

 For example: 
21.x.x.x: 2014 (Next version) 
20.x.x.x: 2013 (Current version) 
19.x.x.x: 2012 
18.x.x.x: 2011 

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