Norton V21 (2014) Beta Download - Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

Norton V21 Beta (Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security & Norton 360) available for download - Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 

 Symantec has released Norton 2014 Final Version 21 - CLICK HERE

Norton V21 Beta releases include: 
  • Browser and Personal Identity protection: Protects you from identity thieves, phishers, and dangerous websites, so you can go anywhere online safely. 
  • Norton’s exclusive, patented layers of protection that work together to keep you safe from even the sneakiest threats – stopping them before they reach you or your PC so you have peace of mind when you share files and go online, without having to wait for updates.
  • Enhanced protection and performance 
  • Compatibility with Windows 8

Norton V21 Beta Known Issues:

Firewall - Error message is displayed when cancelling out of Program Rules Manual Configuration Wizard.

User Interface - Norton Widgets (Zone, Manage, Mobile Family) are not visible after “pinning” the Advanced Main User Interface.

Identity Safe - “Log In” and “Log out” links both exist within the Identity Pillar in Norton 360. Additionally, the “Log out” link doesn’t work.

Identity Safe - “Identity Safe Online” link in Identity Pillar in Norton 360 doesn’t work.

Virus Definitions - Full (non-streaming) definitions may not update as frequently on the pre-release product. You will continue to get streaming updates, but eventually the “Definition Update” time may show a few days (even after updating Streaming Definitions). Do not use the Intelligent Updater (from the Security Response site) to manually update the definitions, as they’re not compatible with 21.0 and will cause issues.


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