Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Review

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Equipped with the new Photon Technology, Total Security 2014 by Bitdefender the Romania-based antivirus software vendor is the most advanced security software in the market.

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 is complete package that offers protection against malicious programs, spywares, bots or viruses + PC Tune-Up and Secure Backup by Bitdefender Safebox.

Good to be true? 
We checked. Here's the answer.

The best thing about Bitdefender total security 2014 is that the manufacturers have decided to stick to the regular Bitdefender User Interface. Conclusion-Just a look would not be enough for the eye to distinguish between the Internet Security package, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and the Total Security 2014. An elegant mixture of colors and panels makes it certain that data obtained after analysis does not confuse the user. The same old Red, Yellow and Green colors flash on the monitor to provide in-depth scan information. Completely customizable panels allow you to view the ones you think require your immediate attention.

Here is a list of few things which give a totally different identity to Bitdefender total security 2014

  • Protection Rating - Bitdefender Total Security 2014 defended against 98 of the 100 threats (98%).
  • Bitdefender Photon Technology - With the integration of Bitdefender’s Photon technology into the package, the antivirus software adapts to your PC in a short amount of time. First time scans take slightly more than average amount of time but this is compensated by Photon later on. Scans which initially took a little over an hour, don’t take more than 20 minutes after the antivirus finds itself fairly familiar to the PC it is scanning. Along with the introduction of Photon technology, Bitdefender has also introduced programs to check vulnerabilities in your machine. The vulnerability scanner checks your system thoroughly at regular intervals and if configured, automatically downloads latest updates and patches to make sure that no malicious programs take advantage of any unintentionally missed components. Learn more about Bitdefender Photon Technology.
  • Spam filter - The Spam filter, as the name says, automatically takes care of your inbox by separating spam mail from the ones that you really look forward to read. Since this is managed over the cloud, the spam filter’s efficiency is more than two times that of its predecessor.
  • Bitdefender’s SafePay, SafeBox and Anti-Theft Service - You don’t have to worry while making an online payment or carrying out a transaction, for SafePay provides the best security to your valuable credentials by encrypting them multiple times. Two Gigabytes of online space offered by SafeBox lets you share files over the internet without the fear of the data being copied or falling into the wrong hands. Included as a premium feature in the security service package, Bitdefender’s Anti-Theft Service allows you to remotely locate, erase data or lock a computer.

  • Initial scan times are high. 
  • Requires more memory to install than its previous versions. 


Bitdefender total security 2014 is a complete value for money and offers you the best possible security along with cloud support at fairly lower rates than other vendors. Verdict: Go for it if you have limited financial resources but would like a high-end security.

5 Star Rating for The New Bitdefender Total Security 2014


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