Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Download Free Trial (64-Bits & 32 Bits).

Download free trial of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 for Microsoft Windows 8 7 Vista and XP (64-Bits & 32 Bits).

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 arrives in a complete package to defend against potential internet threats, scams, malware a, viruses and many more. All this comes at a really affordable price, without compromising with the system performance. Kaspersky Labs have included the following into the package to make your browsing, shopping and banking secure and safe from cyber criminals:

1. Internet Protection: Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 keeps a strict check on the internet while shopping or banking transactions are being processed. Just carry on as usual and let Kaspersky do its job. With the introduction of two new technologies- Secure Keyboard and Virtual Keyboard, it is not possible for cybercriminals to steal the information your provide using your keyboard.

2. Anti-Malware Protection: Protects your computer from malware and virus attacks while it is connected to the internet using the new Zetashield technology, which checks even unknown and unreported threats, using cloud based real-time information.

3. Anti-Phishing protection: Kaspersky does not let you get booby-trapped into passing crucial information over the internet. It alerts the user if a site seems to be attempting phishing on you. The Safe Money technology provides the user an alternative to open the payment gateway in a security enhanced, encrypted zone.

4. Advanced Parental Controls: Protect your children from accessing malicious websites or inappropriate content. It has become essential to keep a track of your kids’ activities over the internet- who they share their ideas with, what they download and much more.

Kaspersky always stays on the alert by accessing constantly updated information from the Kaspersky Security Network, which gathers logs from its users all around the world, thereby listing even the rarest of the rare infections and bots. The smart URL advisor keeps giving you suggestions about the address that you are about to visit and lists them as Trusted, Suspicious or Dangerous. With Safe Money running, you are assured of safe money transactions since the antivirus checks for all possible threats, including verification of certifications and anomalies in the OS, which could lead to failure of the transaction or compromise of information provided to the payment gateways. Apart from securing your internet, the antivirus also does not affect your activities by interrupting every now and then.



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