Update Bitdefender via Proxy Server

The following are the steps to follow on how to update Bitdefender via proxy server 

Use the Bitdefender Scanner 
  1. Double click the Bitdefender Scanner icon on the Desktop. This will launch the Bitdefender On-demand Antivirus Scanner
  2. Click Settings. A new window will appear.
  3. Under Update Settings, select the Enable HTTP Proxy check box. 4. Specify the Proxy host (to be specified as follows: host[:port]), Proxy user (to be specified as follows [domain\]username) and Password. Select the Bypass proxy server when not available check box for a direct connection to be used when the proxy server is not available.
  4. Click Save 
  5. Click Update 

Use Terminal (as root)
  1. Right -click the Desktop. The Bitdefender Rescue CD contextual menu will appear. 
  2. Select Applications > Terminal
  3. Type the command: cd/etc/Bitdefender-scanner
  4. Type the command: mcedit bdscan.conf to edit this file by using GNU Midnight Commander (mc). 
  5. Uncomment the five lines starting with: #ProxyEnable = Yes (just delete the # sign at the beginning of each line). 
  6. Enter the required information: host, username, password and the proxy bypass setting. 
  7. Press F2 to save the current file, confirm saving, and then press F10 to close it. 
  8. Type the command: bdscan update.


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