Norton Power Eraser 4.0 (2014) Download

The New Norton Power Eraser 4.0 (2014) Beta available for Download. 
Power Eraser is FREE tool from Symantec Norton to use in case that your regular virus scan doesn’t detect. An important step to save your PC.

What's New?

UI message streamlining/ UI refresh - UI has been updated and the messaging has been simplified

Safe mode persistence - NPE is able to determine when the machine is in safe mode and will restart the machine in safe mode prior to scanning, NPE will return the machine to normal mode prior to threat removal

Scanning across user profiles - Norton Power Eraser 4.0 (2014) can now scan across user profiles, if there is an infected account you cannot log into to use Norton Power Eraser, you can scan from another account such as Administrator

Java vulnerability scan - Norton Power Eraser 4.0 (2014) detects when the Java is out of date and provides a link to a KB to correct this.

Click here to Download the New Beta version of Norton Power Eraser 4.0 (2014)


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