Learn more about Bitdefender Safebox (Secure Online Storage)

Bitdefender Total Security includes 2GB Free Backup (Secure Online Storage) by Bitdefender Safebox

Bitdefender Safebox lets you back up your important files to secure online servers, synchronize them between your devices and share them with your friends.

Clicking Manage allows you to select a task from the drop-down menu: 
Manage folders - add, remove and synchronize Safebox folders.
Manage shared files - share files by uploading them to Safebox and creating links that can be accessed from anywhere.
Go to Dashboard - manage your Safebox back ups directly from the MyBitdefender dashboard in your web browser.
The Auto Sync switch allows you to turn on or off automatic synchronization for Safebox folders.

For more information, please refer to “ Safebox online backup and sync ” (p. 167 ).


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