Norton Power Eraser 2015 Download

Norton Power Eraser 2015 available for Windows PC users. You can download the beta version from here.

Norton Power Eraser is virus removal tool from Symantec Norton. An important step to save your PC in case your regular virus scan doesn’t detect.

What’s New on Norton Power Eraser 2015?

For the last few years, Norton Power Eraser has included a set of very aggressive threat detection heuristics (or “rules of thumb”) that identify new threats. The New Norton Power Eraser 2015 includes heuristics that enable it to identify even the most resilient threats without risking a higher rate of false positives. 

Norton Power Eraser 2015 eliminates deeply embedded and difficult to remove crimeware that traditional virus scanning does not always detect. Improved remediation flow, detection for potentially unwanted applications, simplified rootkit scanning and enhanced rootkit detection.

For more information visit: http://us.norton.com/beta/overview/ns-beta


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