READ ME! Before renew your Bitdefender license key.

What is the first thing comes up to your mind when you want to renew your Bitdefender product. Many people are confusing between renewal license key and new license key. Let’s solve this puzzle together.

What is the difference between Renewal License Key and New License Key? 
When you purchase a renewal license key, the new subscription days are added to your current subscription. If you purchase a new Bitdefender license key, your subscription will start only when you enter your license key and activate your Bitdefender product, which means the subscription from your previous Bitdefender product may not carried over.

TIP: The new license key usually cheaper than the renewal license key, in order to appeal more customers. If you purchase a new Bitdefender license key, feel free to contact Bitdefender customer service and ask to merge your two licenses.

Do not search under the keyword "renewal"

Normally people like to search on Google, Yahoo or Bing under the keyword bitdefender renewal, bitdefender renewal price, bitdefender renewal discount coupon, bitdefender renewal offer etc. Probably it wouldn’t find for you the best price, which is already mentioned in my tip.

DO NOT Click on “Don't have a license key? Buy one now!”

DO NOT renew your Bitdefender product from the Bitdefender main window; you will pay full price, no discount!

Stop your Bitdefender Auto-renewal 
Some purchases of Bitdefender products from Bitdefender online store may include enrollment in the Bitdefender Auto Renewal. Bitdefender Auto-renewal, automatic renew your Bitdefender license key 30 days before it expires. In this case you will pay full price, no discount! Learn how to turn off the Bitdefender Auto-renewal

One License Key - Multi Language
Most Antivirus vendors have specific rules about multi language. In case of Bitdefender products, the license key we provide is valid for any language of Bitdefender. Click here to download your language.

Free Upgrade Eligibility
Bitdefender provides a free upgrade to any new version. If you are using old Bitdefender product you can upgrade, free of charge to the new version of Bitdefender as long as your software license key is valid.

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