Avira 2016 Browser Beta

Are you ready for the New Avira 2016 Browser Beta?

 The New Avira Browser is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and will be part of Avira security packages (Avira Antivirus Pro 2016, Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 and Avira Ultimate Protection Suite 2016), in order to provide better protection.

Avira Browser is a free app that protects your searches and your browsing activities, based on Chromium an open-source browser and compatible to Google’s chrome browser. Basically, Mozilla Google and Microsoft are doing a very impressive job to secure their browsers, but no one can guarantee 100% protection. 

According to Avira there are 3 important points to secure: 
• The user (device and browser) 
• The web infrastructure (Wi-Fi) 
• The server (the site that is trying to phish you) 

NOTE: You shouldn't use the Beta version of Avira Browser as your main browser.


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