Bitdefender 2016 Beta Multi Device for Windows 10 Mac and Android

Bitdefender 2016 Beta is coming soon, stay tuned for an update next week!

The New version of Bitdefender 2016 Multi-Device is stronger and faster than ever and specifically designed for Windows 10, Mac and Android users

We're upgrading the design. We're overhauling the installation flow. We're bringing you a hot new online dashboard that we expect to set new industry standards. And we are doing it all for Mac and Android as well as Windows users. In short, we expect Bitdefender 2016 to blow you away! 

Your opinion is crucial here, and we eagerly await your participation in the Bitdefender 2016 Beta test.  

UPDATE:  Bitdefender 2016 OUT NOW! Click Here for More Information

Subscribe to Bitdefender 2016 BETA: http://www.bitdefender.com/subscribetobeta/


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