Bitdefender TrafficLight 2019 for Firefox 2.0 Review

A brief Review of Bitdefender TrafficLight 2019 for Firefox 2.0 

New Version of Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox 2.0 released. The new and standalone version of Bitdefender TrafficLight 2019 for Firefox 2.0 has been released by the Security Company Bitdefender. This add-on will serve as a security addition with new functionality for the existing Mozilla's Firefox web browser.

Bitdefender TrafficLight 2019 for Firefox 2.0 comes with innovative features such as whitelist functionality, along with a system and design update. Furthermore, it doesn’t need any running Bitdefender security solution for the purpose.

As reported, the foremost aspect of the browser extension is to notify the user about the security-related issues concerning the web pages opened by him in the browser. The working is similar to that of other security extensions. Whenever a user opens a site in Firefox browser, Bitdefender TrafficLight checks with Bitdefender in order to distinguish whether the page is flagged or not. A green icon gets displayed for safe pages on the extension, and a red icon for probably malicious or unsafe pages. The role of the extension is to test out each page regarding the possibility of any malware, phishing or fake flags. Simultaneously, the user gets notified about the findings on page loading in Firefox browser.

Furthermore, Bitdefender TrafficLight displays its safety icons in front of the page title in the results on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo Search, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. These safety icons are not observed on Baidu, Startpage or Yandex.

Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox also has the feature for Firefox extension's tracker detection. In this way, the loaded trackers are tracked and, simultaneously, they get listed in its interface. However, the purpose to block these trackers is not accessible.

The extensions on the Firefox’s security settings page also incorporate the option to turn off any of the features of the security extension. Thus, there is no need to disable any of the add-on extensions, and you may use it to stop the features that are not needed anymore. The Tracker Detector is only utilized to detect the activities of trackers on a particular site. Moreover, the sites which are added to the whitelist are no checked by the BitDefender TrafficLight.

Bottom Line
BitDefender TrafficLight for Firefox functions by offering an opportunity for knowing the security issues pertaining to sites visited by you, including the sites listed by popular search engines. This extension in Firefox in a tool meant for providing information only. In no way, it prevents you from visiting flagged sites. However, when a user visits a flagged site, the user has the freedom to still carry on or whitelist the URL being considered.

 As per the tests conducted, the newest version of Bitdefender TrafficLight for Firefox 2.0 was found to be satisfactory. However, there were some users who reported higher CPU utilization after installing the Bitdefender TrafficLight extension on some sites.


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