The New Norton Security 2017 Beta is Here!

Symantec has released the beta version of Norton Security 2017 for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or later and Windows XP Service Pack 3

To install your Norton Security 2017 BETA: Visit: https://manage.norton.com/beta?page=register and enter your email address, your installation of the beta test version of Norton Security 2017 should have started automatically.
If it did not, follow the directions below:
1. Save the file 'NSBUBetaDownloader.exe' to your desktop, double-click it to download the product and start the installation.
2.If the email address you're using is not registered to a Norton Account, you will have to click on 'Create a Norton Account’ when prompted to Sign In.
3.Copy and paste or retype your Product Key to activate your Norton Security 2017software.

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What's new in Norton Security 2017?

Sandboxing, or isolating potential threats - Cybercriminals attempt to trick security solutions by “packing-up” malware (often-times within legitimate software files) to prevent it from being identified. Norton is extremely proud to announce a new high-performance emulator that uses these cybercriminals' tricks against them. Norton Security will run and analyze unknown and suspicious files in an isolated protected virtual environment to see how they act before allowing the file to be run on the user's device. This helps to ensure the file is safe before it takes up residence and wreaks havoc on a user's device. 

IPS support for https - Norton Security's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) blocks threats originating from your network, before those threats take up residence on a device. To help protect customer's data, financial institutions and other organizations that deal with your personal information use https - the encrypted version of http. Unfortunately, suspect sites have followed suit and are using https as well. The IPS included in Norton Security now detects attacks using https connections, and stops those attacks before they take up residence on the device. 

Proactive exploit protection (PEP) - Holes and backdoors in your operating system and other software that you've installed are exploited by cybercriminals to inject malware onto your device without your knowledge. These vulnerabilities often take weeks to months for the original software vendors to patch, leaving your system exposed to malware in the interim. PEP improves your device security, your privacy and your critical personal information by blocking the malware attempting to exploit these holes and backdoors. PEP is not dependent on signatures or prior knowledge of exploits, and is therefore able to address vulnerabilities from the day they exist.

64-bit browser support - Web browsers are a major entry point to the Internet for most users today. Malware writers continue to attack users through malware-infected websites designed to silently slip past the web browser (and device). Fraudulent websites attempt to trick users into providing personal and financial information. Norton Security now works within the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 

To receive updates when a new build is available, please follow our Norton Public Beta Twitter Account at http://www.twitter.com/norton_beta.

If you have questions concerning this beta, please click here or copy the following URL into your browser: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/Norton_Security_Public_Beta


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